Sunday, March 9, 2008

Short night of crafting – Back in the saddle

I finally got back to a little bit of crafting tonight, although I do not have any pictures. Painted up the bases from the last post, and redid another base for the Spider Exarch. The new exarch base has a kneeling Tau on the front of the base, and will have the Exarch behind him ready to drop the killing blow. This base looks a bit better than the Stealth suit base in my opinion. The stealth suit just was not sitting right or looking right.

The legs and bodies are glued together and going to base them during my next session. Things will slow down a bit as I have to get some work done on the Dwarves for Colonial GT coming up. I have 3 units of Dwarves to base, 2 Thunderers to paint up and base, and 3 objective markers to paint and base. Then it's off to Matte sealing the entire army and figuring out how to pack them for transport. I will post some pictures of the complete army when I finish those tasks.

That's it for now!