Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grey Puppies in Space?

Ok, let me first say that I have not been following the Space Puppies rumors very closely. I am not sure what pictures have been out on the net yet, and even more so I do not know what was revealed at GD UK. I do know that I snapped the following pictures while at Warhammer World the week before. Hopefully some of these are new and appreciated by those readers who are looking forward to the grey marines.

Warhammer World - Visiting the UK

Despite rumors, I have not passed on but Wow! has it been a busy month and very little of that has been gaming. That part sucks but on the brighter side, I did get to take a trip to the UK and visit Warhammer World! Above is a quick "Cheers" to all my blog visitors and the couple message boards I post to.

Overall the trip was fantastic. I spent a week in the UK, taking advantage for both business and pleasure. Relevant to posting here, I did make the pilgrimage to the heart of all things Warhammer and headed up to Nottingham for a day. As you can see above, the first stop was to walk through the gaming hall and head to Bugmans for lunch and a pint.

Apparently, true to the legends (more likely due to the copious drinking from the Worlwide Management Conference the night before) The Bugmans XXXXXX was out. I did grab a quick picture of the tap.

But in a turn for the better, I embraced my 40K roots and grabbed a pint of Dreadnought! Yum!

Bugmans as lots to see while wandering around and I snapped a couple pictures to share. In addition, they have a bookshelf full of board games for those who want to relax instead of battling on the tables in the hall. I was impressed that they already had Chaos in the old World from Fantasy Flight Games.

Following lunch and a pint I wandered out into the gaming hall. Very impressive tables and lots of room to play. I wish I had had a reason to bring my army and grab a quick game! What made things better was the availability of Bugmans and the fact you can grab a pint and bring it out to drink while playing.

Lastly I headed up to the brightly lit shrine of Games Workshop. I headed up to the Hall of Miniatures to take a look at all the fantastic painted models.

That's all for this quick update. This will be the first in a number of updates over the next couple days. I am headed out to GW Sterling soon to do a little painting, drop off loot for a friend, and grab a quick 1500 point game tonight.