Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Dwarves

I know, you come here looking for Eldar stomping Tau and all you have seen recently is updates about Warhammer Fantasy and especially dwarves. Well, I have another tourney coming up and I had to get up to 3000 points of Dwarves, so I did some more work.

You will be able to see on the engineers that I rushed the paint job. I will say, a bit in my defense, that the camera has a much better eye than I do. I must need better glasses or maybe one of those magnifying visors.

Regardless, lets get on to the pictures.

Master Engineer with Flaming Great weapon

Another view of the Master Engineer

And the back view

And 4 engineers. I have 3 cannons so I made 1 too many.

Of course the entire Dwarf army can be seen at this link

I have a couple more Dwarves to put together and paint, and then I should be back to my Eldar project.

Dwarves Remaining
1 Daemon Slayer (GD model)
3 warmachine crew
4 Miners
1 Miner Champion with Steam Drill
10 Thunderers