Monday, August 25, 2008

New Pictures

Well, the airbrush did not work as well as I would have liked. Also, I am noticing the trend of only posting new pictures every month. At this rate, it is going to take me years to complete my army. I really need to get motivated and paint up a whole mess of squads!

Ok, onto my Avengers and Stage 2. My intention was to use the airbrush to lay down a solid base then a wash on all 18 avengers. The goal here would be to get good definition, be able to quickly go back and do some highlighting, and get some great looking models. Unfortunately, the shortcut did not work all that well. After looking over the dried result, there was no true definition between the depths and the ridges, it just looked like the air-brushed wash stained the entire model darker.

Overall, the darker color is not a bad thing. I chose to paint on a brighter blue to the armor plates, leaving the darker blue plus wash as a shadow.

So, I have now completed the bases (painted, highlighted, flocked), mounted teh Avengers, and painted the armor and armor plates. Still to do:
Gems and decoration
Add Arms and Guns
Paint Arms and Guns
Build Exarchs

Now to the pictures!

Here are the Avengers from a "Table Top" Distance.

Now a closer look at the 18. First picture is 12 from the left, while the second picture overlaps and shows 9 from the right.

And a quick look at some of the bases in the rear.

I am using some of the pieces from the 40K basing kit and I think they have come out looking fairly good.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Airbrush Update

Well, I actually sat down yesterday to take a look at the Avengers and start painting on highlights. Unfortunately, they needed a new coat of base paint due to the original brushing not hitting all the spots. I pulled out the airbrush and cans of air and went to town. The can froze after only hitting a couple models and basically I realize how bad the cans suck.

So, I have picked up a compressor and completed the airbrushing (base and wash) or the avengers. For those who are looking for a little compressor, I strongly recommend stopping into AC Moore. AC Moore has 40% off coupons on the internet that can be used for 1 item. I took the coupon and picked up a Badger 1810 compressor and a airhose. You will need an airhose but the store has them in the same case as the compressor. The air-bursh end of the hose fits the Citidel Airbrush perfectly.

Overall, the compressor is not to loud and the paintbrush works well. The pressure seemed to be a little lower than the can, but the paint seems to go on evenly.

Now I am back to where I thought I was 2 weeks ago, I need to highlight my Avengers and then paint up the bases.

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Blog - Awsome!

So over on the right I have added a link to my friend Trevors new blog. I have to recommend that anyone following the Dead Tau Project take a look at what he is up to. Trevor is my normal regular opponent for both WHFB and WH40K, and is the Tau player I use as my inspiration for the dead tau on the bases!

Trevor is doing some amazing greenstuff work on his Fantasy Ogre army. Check it out.

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