Monday, April 28, 2008

Colonial GT 2008 – Duraks Black Powder Brigade

So the colonial GT is over, and it was a great GT. I had an incredibly enjoyable time, even though I went 0-1-4 at the tourney. I came in 95th of 100, so I have lots of room to improve. Even though I am on the WHFB high right now, I need to get back to focusing on my Eldar and my painting/crafting. The paint jobs at the colonial were pretty incredible, and I will get some posted when I return from San Jose on Thursday. For now, here are the pictures of the dwarfs that I promised.

A high level overview of the tournament can be found here: MWUnion Forum Thread

And here are some pictures of the other armies from the GT (Colonial GT Pics)

Lord, Cannon, and Miners




Army on Display Board




Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I have been the king of no posts and posts with no pictures lately. I did add in my twitter feed so there is minimal new content on the page until I get back to the Eldar project.

The question would be, what have I been doing lately?

Well, outside of various life intrusions, I have been performing some minor work on my Dwarf army. I am headed up to the Colonial GT in Philadelphia this coming weekend (April 25 - 27) and will be brining my Dwarves with me. This will be my first weekend length tournament, and I am not quite ready yet. I have the army done, but I have not started on the 3 objective counters I need to bring with me. To top that off, I realized at the end of last week that I needed a Display Board in order to get any kind of respectable painting score.

I came up with an idea for a display board last night and started constructing it. I think it will look nice but we will see when I complete it. I will post some pictures somwhere and either provide a link or drop them into the blog.

For now, check out my twitter feed for updates on whats going on with me and my crafting delays.