Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guild Ball Teams

It's been a fair bit since I posted anything on here. I'm not dead, although that comment seems to be popping up a lot across my multiple hobby endeavors.

While I cannot promise a strong return to blogging (yet), I did want to start collecting and posting some art that I am really enjoying. I recently had an interview with Mat Hart from Guild Ball on Gamers Lounge ep. 99. During the interview we talked about how much I have been enjoying the Team Lineup pictures he has posted and he offered me an "exclusive" (or at least an early release) of the Union team. I had also collected some other team line-up's and thought it would be fun to post them here.

For those interested in Guild Ball, the game is set to ship the Kickstarter rewards in December. Per the interview on Gamers Lounge it looks like everything is on track and potentially on time pending a decision about one last update to the core rules. Check it out the interview over at Gamers Lounge and check out the game over at the Guild Ball site.

Now onto the Team lineups.

Brewers 3d Masters
 This leaves only 3 teams we have not seen the line-up's for:
  • Morticians
  • Alchemists
  • Engineers
 I have to admit I love the look of these models and am very excited to get them in hand, painted, and playing! The initial look at some of the mortician models is pretty fantastic. I think the team lineup will be a great picture to see!

Obulous - Mortician Captain
Ghast and Silence