Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Break - Time to Paint

Little bit of painting got done over Christmas. I completed my Autarch with power weapon/fusion gun/WarpSpider Jump Pack. Here is a top view of the Autarch.

Here is the Front view.

Back View.

and Side View.

Next projects are Tanks (Falcon) and a small squad of Banshees. I have magnetized the falcon weapons (still need to fix the missile launcher and create/magnetize a bottom mount Shurican Cannon), base coated teh bottom and top. I have also base coated 5 banshees and 1 exarch with executioner. Lastly, I glued together the exarch base.

Still have to paint the Falcon, create based for the 5 banshees, and paint up the squad. I will be putting a Devlen Mud wash on the banshees (white base coat), then following with a bleashed bone highlight on the armor. 3 layers of red (Mechrite Red, Scab Red, Blood Red) for the back of the banshee masks, then 2 layers of green (Dark Angels Green, Goblin Green) for the Exarch mask.

Now to head out to GW Sugarland to paint and maybe play some games.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Slacker Paints new model!

Great news! A new GW store has opened within 10 minutes of my house and I am going to be the Old Guy regular hanging out down there. I spent some time breaking in my new seat painting up Dire Avenger Exarch #2. I know, 2 months between updates makes me a slacker, but at least things are inching forward.

Here is a quick snapshot of both Avenger squads, with Exarchs out front.

Here is the Exarch in his glory.

A view of the Right side.

A side view of the left.

Slightly blurred view from above.

And the Exarch in front of his squad.

So, I have the base completed for my next model. I will be painting up an Autarch with Warp Spider Jump pack, Mandiblasters, power sword, and fusion gun. Once he is complete I will have a fully fieldable army (2 troop, 1 elite, 1 fast, 1 HQ) and will be looking for some games. Not sure what I will be doing after that, I am considering tanks and/or Banshees.

With Christmas here, I am hoping to find some extra time to get some new units painted.