Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Malifaux... what a Wyrd weekend

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I knocked out painting a fair number of models this weekend. I am very happy with the work accomplished and have actually completed two full crews of Malifaux models. This is great as I will be able to use them on my upcoming trips without putting unpainted models on the table.

First lets take a look at the completed crews. Overall I am happier with the painting on the Guild crew, but at the same time both are at what I would consider a solid table top quality. I have noticed, especially with the Rasputina/Cult of December crew that I should really look into a proper photo light box instead of using a flash.

Guild - Lady Justice Crew:

Arcanists - Rasputina Cult of December Crew:

Now lets take some closer looks:

Executioner: I used an alternate executioner model because I did not like the one Wyrd puts out for the line. This is a grim reaper from Microart Studios, and although he is a bit taller than the other models I think he works out well. I keep him on the 30mm base defined for the executioner, which is whats really important.

Next we have the Cult of December crew. This was a tough crew to paint, with the Gamin and Golem just not coming out the way I wanted. At the end of the day I am comfortable with the models, although I do not think its my best work. If I end up playing them a large amount I will probably purchase a new set to paint to a higher quality.

First we have the Master, Rasputina:

Next we have the golem:

Tina is accompanied by her totem, a Wendigo:

Then we have the December Acolyte:

This crew also contains 3 Ice Gamin, who are little ice daemons. I did not post pictures of these because the flash really washed out how they look.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Justice for all

When the title of this post is used in relation to Malifaux's Lady Justice, it almost makes her sound kind of slutty. Then again, I like easy girls......

Enough about me. I have had a lot going on this last couple weeks and I am back with a new update. So 2 trips down (NY and Atlanta) with 2 trips ahead of me to go. I had a great time down in Atlanta meeting up with Teek and James. I was able to rock out with 1500 points of Eldar vs Jame's Deathwing. Ouch, I really do not like fighting terminators with Eldar, Eldar just do not have the punching power to take on a whole load of Termie's.

Regardless, the games was great. James and I played one of the Space Marine missions from the battle missions book, and the game ended in a tie do to some last round heroics by the Banshee squad. Belial and his group of assault termies were dropped by a flurry of power weapon attacks combined with Doom. It was a great game and I had a wonderful time meeting up with some Atlanta locals.

Now I have nothing currently planned for Seattle, but plan to swing by the GW Battle Bunker along with my 1500 points of Eldar. I do have some plans for NH however. After speaking with Russ Wakelin of D6G fame, I plan to stop by the new Manchester Myriad Games location for some Malifaux on Tuesday night (July 27). Toward that end, I have been on a mission to get my Malifaux crews painted and based. Upon receiving all my currently ordered MAS bases, I have begun to make some headway.

And that brings us to the next 6 painting points I knocked out last weekend. I have to admit I think Lady Justice is moving to my favorite new model. I decided to go with a Patent Leather Black corset and gloves for her, along with some lighter wood stocks for the pistols:

I also knocked out 3 Death Marshals ( I have another on order) and the Judge to complete the Guild starter box. I have more work to do on the Death Marshal faces, but they make a nice table top quality for now.
If you look, you can see I added in some mud-splatter on the bottom of the Judges coat. This nicely offset the cream color of the coat I think.

I also knocked out one more model for my wife's Neverborn crew. I have not focused on them as I am not sure she is going to play while we are on vacation, but this model just called to me. See, my wife is a huge Disney fan, and when she saw Teddy she asked if he could look like Sully from Monsters Inc. I thought a demonic Sully would be amusing, so I agreed and painted him up.

That's it for this post. I also knocked out my Rasputina crew over the weekend, along with a proxy model for my executioner. I will get more posts up tomorrow, including some shots of the crews together.

Email me if your in the Seattle WA or Manchester NH areas and are looking for a 40K or Malifaux game.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

WHFB 8th Edition and Battlefoam.... what a great day!!!

The Fedex truck rolled up to the door this morning and in a surprise move, dropped two boxes off on my step. I was expecting the WHFB 8th edition book today, but did not know what the second, larger box was. Let me say at this point, I know many of you have headed out to the local GW or FLGS to look through the advance look copies of the WHFB 8th book. I have not looked at it much, instead waiting and anticipating my own book showing up at my home. I want to take the time to enjoy opening and perusing the new book at my liesure.

So now it has arrived and I took some pictures of opening the new box. If only I could encapsulate the new-book smell for you to fully enjoy the experience. I was initially impressed with the weight and size of the box arriving at over 5 pounds!

First lets look at a comparison between the new and old book. New book on right, and old on left. As reported the size of the new book is nice to see.
And upon opening up the front cover, GW has released Eratta with the book, specifically addressing how Victory conditions are handled. Nice.....
So I will say that on first glance through the book, its beautiful. Full color throughout the book, including the rules section is nice to see. To me, it looks like GW is feeling the competition from Privateer Press and beginning to respond.

And then we come to the surprise box. I was very pleased to open up the larger box and find the new Battlefoam Pack 432! I know some of you will point out I already have a PACK 432, but this is the updated new version. This one has a wrap around zipper, which is very nice. It will be great to cart around my army in my next couple trips!!!

So now I need to find time during work today to start reading.........

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy US Independence Day for those who are in America. Happy Sunday July 4th for those who are not. As this is a big holiday for me, I want to wish all of my readers a good day. I will be out all day performing my yearly 4th of July duties, grilling lots of food, enjoying lots of company, and once dark rolls in I will be doing my best to set my Cul-de-sac on fire with fireworks!

If you are the local police or fire-marshal, could you please avoid my home until I have run through at least 3/4 of my fireworks????

Friday, July 2, 2010

Malifaux..... Stealing the soul out of my 40K Hobby

I have some additional painting complete and the pictures will be following further along in this post. I also received my shipment from Microart Studios, so have my new bases for my and my wife's Malifaux crews. Add to that a new order received from Phil @ theBrokenForge and my crew's have expanded to the basic Guild crew led by Lady Justice, along with a new Arcanists crew led by Rasputina. Oh wait, we also just announced a contest on the Gamers Lounge where we are giving away a full Outcasts Gremlin crew start box.

That's right, as the title says, Malifaux has stolen the soul out of my 40K hobby. It was not a violent theft as I would have expected it to be.The Farseers consulted their runes and shook their heads in confusion as Baby Kade innocently smiled his way onto my hobby table. The Autarchs stood passively by watching little Candy trade her treats for my attention. Now we come to Baharroth, cry of the wind, shedding tears as he is ignored at the side of my painting tray while a Sorrow and a Death Marshal grab all my focus! Pandora and Lady Justice are laughing at the Harliquins and Night Spinners clamoring inside their boxes, fully realizing that they will likely be painted and based before another Eldar leaves his packing. Take this as a warning, dear reader... Malifaux is an evil, evil I say! I am beginning to understand why it is taking over the attention of so many other gamers.

So lets take a look at the new additions, and happily my first painted model not part of my wife's crew. I need to decide if I will touch up the eyes or leave the face as it is, considering the face is not actually visible when the model is on the table.

And then we have the Purple Sorrow for my wife's Pandora crew.