Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Malifaux... what a Wyrd weekend

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I knocked out painting a fair number of models this weekend. I am very happy with the work accomplished and have actually completed two full crews of Malifaux models. This is great as I will be able to use them on my upcoming trips without putting unpainted models on the table.

First lets take a look at the completed crews. Overall I am happier with the painting on the Guild crew, but at the same time both are at what I would consider a solid table top quality. I have noticed, especially with the Rasputina/Cult of December crew that I should really look into a proper photo light box instead of using a flash.

Guild - Lady Justice Crew:

Arcanists - Rasputina Cult of December Crew:

Now lets take some closer looks:

Executioner: I used an alternate executioner model because I did not like the one Wyrd puts out for the line. This is a grim reaper from Microart Studios, and although he is a bit taller than the other models I think he works out well. I keep him on the 30mm base defined for the executioner, which is whats really important.

Next we have the Cult of December crew. This was a tough crew to paint, with the Gamin and Golem just not coming out the way I wanted. At the end of the day I am comfortable with the models, although I do not think its my best work. If I end up playing them a large amount I will probably purchase a new set to paint to a higher quality.

First we have the Master, Rasputina:

Next we have the golem:

Tina is accompanied by her totem, a Wendigo:

Then we have the December Acolyte:

This crew also contains 3 Ice Gamin, who are little ice daemons. I did not post pictures of these because the flash really washed out how they look.



  1. Nice work.
    As I stated last post, I will probably be getting my first crew next month. I was really leaning toward the Undertaker's lot, but I must say that I like the December crew.

    You need to get in a battle report or two of Malifaux, so we can see your crews in action.

  2. LOL, for that I need more battles. My battle against Jay the other night ended up with me losing 2 objectives to 4. The scoring system is kind of interesting.

    I will try and keep notes in NH and get a report up after those games. Unfortunately, I did not find any games (Mali or 40K) here in Seattle.... sad faces all around.

  3. Bill and I are planning to try to get in a game of Mali before he leaves for NH on Sunday. I will do a Video Battle report of the game if we are able to get it in and post it early next week. I started painting my Outcasts last night, Taylor (Lady Hammerstrike) is done and Jonah the renegade steamfitter is just about there. All I have left are the Vickys (and one is half done) and a half finished Bishop. If I can get them done tonight the game may be between two painted crews even.

  4. Bill everything looks great, so I hate to say it but, the guild executioner is on a 40mm base.