Monday, August 2, 2010

Slow updates at the end of the Month

How I wish this was where I actually am while on vacation. To be fair, how I wish I was actually on vacation and not the "Working Vacation" I am actually on. Its funny how a "Working Vacation" actually works out with my job. For the past two weeks, my wife and children have been gallivanting around enjoying the beach, shopping, and other sundry vacation activities. I have been sitting on some conference calls and other sundry work related items, with very few days to actually vacation. Ahh, the enjoyment of it all.

To be fair, I have dug through a small bit of personal time to do some painting. Of course I then ran into problem #2, which is my photo-editing software is on my Mac at home. Bleh..... No pictures of my newly painted models this week.  I will say, however, that I have returned to accomplishing some of the 40K models, knocking out both Jain-Zar and Baharroth for my Phoenix lord collection. This will provide a completed set of Phoenix Lords, which I am very happy with. I do not particularly like the Jain-Zar model, I think it is a very ugly sculpt. Its done though, so I can move on to the remaining DTP models on the list.

I have also been working on a fair number of Malifaux models. As you can see, I have a new number assembled and primed, waiting on my painting tray for completion. I knocked out a Student of Conflict for my Lady Justice crew, along with an Icy Razorspine Rattler for my Rasputina crew. I am very happy with how these came out, although the Student has a bit of Super-Glue-Elphantitis in his hands. I may put together a second one down the road and pin the hands to get better detail.

On a sad note, Russ Wakelin did not make it out for gaming last week, so I did not get a chance to play a game with him. It appears that the NH love for Malifaux is fairly constricted to just a few players (Russ, Craig, and 1 other as I understand). Myriad Games is an incredible store, and was a joy to hang out in. These NH'ites are big board game players, and I saw very little actual miniature gaming going on!

That's it for this update. I will be returning next week (after August 9th) with a flurry of pictures for whatever I accomplish around work. I also plan for 1 more Forgeworld order in my near future (this week?) and then I will be pulling out the Air Brush for some large model painting! If things go forward as planned, I will be knocking out 2 Night Spinners, 1 Eldar Flyer, and the Titan over the next month or so.


  1. Looking forward to seeing those painted models.
    Out here in where I game in Southern California, there are only 5 or 6 gamers playing Malifaux. The good news is they seem to be avid players. But yes, the Malifaux gaming crew appears to be very small.

  2. Cool man, looking forward to having you back in the area. I want to play Malifaux but Mike and Dan and them don't seem to have time to play Malifaux when I do. My progress on painting has stalled, I'll send you an email on why, but I am looking forward to getting in some Malifaux games.

  3. Next time I am out in CA I will bring a crew with me Mags. Your up in the SJ area, right?

  4. I have gotten far less painted so far than I thought I would have. I am really hoping to knock out a bunch this week.

    On the good side, I am going to push hard to get a solid Malifaux group moving once Huzzah opens up. In addition, I think it might be good to add a new segment on GL specific to Malifaux.

  5. Actually, I am in North County San Diego.

    However, if you come this way you have to bring the Eldar! :-)