Monday, August 30, 2010

Painting Update

This past weekend has me reaching 85 paint points so far for the year. The past couple weeks without a computer combined with finally getting past the "overwhelming busy" that has been my summer helped me get back to business painting. Getting the missing parts for my air-brush and the start of Malifaux Tuesdays at Huzzah Hobbies has helped as well.

I am actually very happy to have reached 85 paint points for this year. It is a bit past the middle of the year and I just crossed the threshold of half way to what I painted up last year. I am not counting the terrain I painted with the airbrush recently, although I should probably get some pictures of that up as well. For me, this is a fair accomplishment as I believe my quality of painting is going up along with the quantity of models I am getting added to my collection. While it is not really about quantity, it is about making more time for my hobby this year. On top of that my real push each year comes during the end of the year, when I usually accomplish about a quarter of all the mini-painting I do all year.

As I mention, I have both my GW Paint Gun and an actual Air-brush now in my hobby tool bag. I got the airbrush set-up and knocked out a respectable amount of terrain the other night while practicing using it. I have painted up a 12" x 12" GW Chapel with a fenced yard that I can use for a free-standing building. I also painted up 2 new craters, a GW modular hill, and a stand alone watch-tower. All of this was accomplished to a decent table top standard (no washes, only base and dry-brushing) in about 90 minutes. Not too bad, although I will go back on some pieces and touch up the details.

On the more direct side, I have knocked out another set of models, primarily for Malifaux but also a 40K Farseer. A portion of the motivation for this is the now regular Tuesday night Malifaux at a new local game store. Its been nice to actually get out and play for the last couple week, and I am averaging 2 games a night. I also had a chance to attend a semi-regular gathering named "Whiskey & 40K Night" but the regular attendees. I grabbed a quick teaching game of Malifaux while there, bringing even more players into the fold. I had brought my Eldar as well, but a friend of mine has been waiting to learn Malifaux and this was the first opportunity she had. I plan to attend "Whiskey and 40K" regularly going forward and will certainly get more practice with my Eldar.

That brings us to some pictures of the models painted up. I will start with the Farseer, as this is the Dead Tau Project. I am happy with how he came out, and he is a good addition to the army. This brings me up to Farseer with clear Farseer models, and allows me to field a stand alone Farseer or Autarch along with fielding an on foot seer council.

That brings us to the Malifaux models. First up we have the compeleted Saber Tooth Cerberus which I have painted to fit into my Rasputina crew. The goal was to go along a siberean tiger motif, with a bit of coloring to make him fit into the icy Rasputina crew. The end result did not quite hit the mark, but I am satisfied with the result. Overall I think my Rasputina crew is just at Table top quality, and while I do not think it looks bad it is certainly not my best work. Its good to knock these out quickly though, as it works a a secondary crew to play.

Next we come to the additions to my Lady Justice Guild crew. I picked up a couple Astringer models, which I have now painted up:

I also added in a Peacekeeper, which has been interesting to play with:

Lastly, I have to mention that I received my new Malifaux bag from Battlefoam. This bag is fantastic and well worth the money, which wasn't that expensive in my opinion. The front compartment for books, cards, and markers is great. The pockets even fit my laminated stat cards for my crews. The foam has enough room to fit all 3 of my crews, with enough space to put in a lot more models. Overall, I am very happy.

You can continue to track what I plan to work on in the Queue on the left hand side of the page.


  1. You are a bad, bad man. I have really been trying hard to stay focused on my Chaos Space Marines and I want to wrap them up before moving on, but you are really making me think about picking up that Ramos boxset....hmm...maybe I will do it after Da Grand Waaagh GT.
    I really like the Malifaux bag, it really does seem like a great value.

  2. My warning would be that if you love your 40K projects, stay far away from Malifaux. It has this insidious way of stealing your painting soul and you do not notice (until too late) that you have neglected your 40K models for the variety of wonderful Wyrd sculpts.

  3. I would limit my Malifaux models, unlike a certain podcaster and blogger. :-)
    I am thinking just the Ramos box and maybe 1 or 2 other models to get me to 35 points.