Monday, February 23, 2009


I recently put in an order for some customized foam from for my Tyranid army. I was not sure how this would come out, and I am pleasantly surprised. As you can see from the pictures below, the foam fits the Nids nicely. I had one problem with some models not fitting, and upon a call to Romeo (battlefoam owner), he is comping me a tray and recutting one that will fit.

Here are the pictures of the trays that worked out. Fantastic product that I strongly recommend. I will defineatly get new trays once my Eldar are complete and ready to travel.





Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rangers Complete

Got the Rangers/Pathfinders completed and pictures are now up! I think these are a bit more subtle than the other Eldar I have done. I like then overall.

Eldar Rangers - Front

Eldar Rangers - Back

So where does that put me, and whats left to do?

*Complete* 1 Autarch with jump pack, mandi-blasters, fusion gun, Power weapon
1 Avatar (Forgeworld)
1 Farseer with swords
3 Warlocks with swords

*6 + 1 complete* 9 Howling Banshees plus 1 Exarch with mirror swords
*Complete* 5 Wraithguard
5 Firedragons plus 1 Exarch
4 Harliquins with Kisses plus 1 Shadow Seer plus 1 Troupe Master
3 Howling Banshees plus 1 Exarch with mirror swords

*Complete + Exarch* 9 Dire Avengers plus Exarch with Twin-Catapults
*Complete + Exarch* 9 Dire Avengers plus Exarch with Twin-Catapults
*Complete* 5 Pathfinders
6 Guardian Jetbikes (2 shurican cannon bikes)

Fast Attack
*Complete* 9 Warp Spiders plus 1 exarch with twin Spinners and Power blades

*Complete* 2 Falcon Grav Tanks
4 Dark Reapers plus 1 Exarch with Tempest Launcher plus 1 Exarch with Shurican Cannon
1 Wraithlord with Magnetized Weapons
3 War Walkers with Magnetized Weapons

*Complete* 1 Wave Serpent Grav Transports with Twin-linked Missile Launchers

1 Wave Serpent Grav Transports with Magnetized Weapons

I am at ~1700 points so can play some tourney level games now. I am not sure if my list is up to it and probably will not get many games in while the WHFB league is underway. I still have another month to 6 weeks before the end of the league, so time to add in some additional models. I have also decided to pick up an Eldar Titan once my tax return comes in, as the prices are still low. I want to save the money before the UK/US exchange rate changes for the more expensive. I am not planning to work on the Titan until I complete the list above. I am thinking of doing the jet-bikes and Wave Serpent next, as I should be able to knock them out fairly quickly with the spray gun. We shall see.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Captain Badrukk in the house!

No fear, I am still working on painting and I have not switched to Orks. I am still loyally working on my Swordwind army, but I wanted to get another update up to show what I have been working on.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Iw as working on an alternate painting project for a contest. One of my favorite podcasts, 40K Radio, had a painting contest to paint the Captain Badrukk ork model once it was released. I looked at the model at the local store and really like it. Unfortuneatly, I have no idea how I placed in the contest, as the 40K Radio hosts still have not posted the pictures for voting.

I figure I have waited long enough at this point, so its no big deal if I post my pictures. Here are two pics (Front and Back) of my Capt. Badrukk.

and the back:

I have also been playing WHFB with my Dwarves. One of my personal goals for 2009 was to get in a minimum of 1 game per week, along with some painting time. So far, since the start of the IFL WHFB League, I have been doing a pretty good job. I have a couple weeks with more than 1 game, and 1 week with no games. I have not been doing nearly as well painting every week, but I am getting work done. I painted up a squad of Hammerers, along with working through some terrain. I just completed the hill, and have some paint on two forest bases (2 bases, 6 trees). These will be good for use with both systems (WH40K and WHFB), so I do not feel too bad about taking the time.

The 5 Eldar rangers are still in progress. I need to complete the guns, put a wash on the cloaks, paint thier backpacks, and then customize the dead tau bits.

Thats all for now. I will keep updating and please let me know what your coments and critiques are. Also, anyone in the Northern VA area who would like to get in a game (40K or WHFB), please feel free to contact me. The GW Sterling VA store is great and I can get over there pretty quickly.