Friday, February 13, 2009

Captain Badrukk in the house!

No fear, I am still working on painting and I have not switched to Orks. I am still loyally working on my Swordwind army, but I wanted to get another update up to show what I have been working on.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Iw as working on an alternate painting project for a contest. One of my favorite podcasts, 40K Radio, had a painting contest to paint the Captain Badrukk ork model once it was released. I looked at the model at the local store and really like it. Unfortuneatly, I have no idea how I placed in the contest, as the 40K Radio hosts still have not posted the pictures for voting.

I figure I have waited long enough at this point, so its no big deal if I post my pictures. Here are two pics (Front and Back) of my Capt. Badrukk.

and the back:

I have also been playing WHFB with my Dwarves. One of my personal goals for 2009 was to get in a minimum of 1 game per week, along with some painting time. So far, since the start of the IFL WHFB League, I have been doing a pretty good job. I have a couple weeks with more than 1 game, and 1 week with no games. I have not been doing nearly as well painting every week, but I am getting work done. I painted up a squad of Hammerers, along with working through some terrain. I just completed the hill, and have some paint on two forest bases (2 bases, 6 trees). These will be good for use with both systems (WH40K and WHFB), so I do not feel too bad about taking the time.

The 5 Eldar rangers are still in progress. I need to complete the guns, put a wash on the cloaks, paint thier backpacks, and then customize the dead tau bits.

Thats all for now. I will keep updating and please let me know what your coments and critiques are. Also, anyone in the Northern VA area who would like to get in a game (40K or WHFB), please feel free to contact me. The GW Sterling VA store is great and I can get over there pretty quickly.


  1. Para pintarlo tan mal mejor no lo pintes.

  2. si lo que me dices es la verdar, pues enbes digame algo que me puede aydar enbes de algo que ni es simpatico.