Thursday, July 8, 2010

WHFB 8th Edition and Battlefoam.... what a great day!!!

The Fedex truck rolled up to the door this morning and in a surprise move, dropped two boxes off on my step. I was expecting the WHFB 8th edition book today, but did not know what the second, larger box was. Let me say at this point, I know many of you have headed out to the local GW or FLGS to look through the advance look copies of the WHFB 8th book. I have not looked at it much, instead waiting and anticipating my own book showing up at my home. I want to take the time to enjoy opening and perusing the new book at my liesure.

So now it has arrived and I took some pictures of opening the new box. If only I could encapsulate the new-book smell for you to fully enjoy the experience. I was initially impressed with the weight and size of the box arriving at over 5 pounds!

First lets look at a comparison between the new and old book. New book on right, and old on left. As reported the size of the new book is nice to see.
And upon opening up the front cover, GW has released Eratta with the book, specifically addressing how Victory conditions are handled. Nice.....
So I will say that on first glance through the book, its beautiful. Full color throughout the book, including the rules section is nice to see. To me, it looks like GW is feeling the competition from Privateer Press and beginning to respond.

And then we come to the surprise box. I was very pleased to open up the larger box and find the new Battlefoam Pack 432! I know some of you will point out I already have a PACK 432, but this is the updated new version. This one has a wrap around zipper, which is very nice. It will be great to cart around my army in my next couple trips!!!

So now I need to find time during work today to start reading.........
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