Friday, July 2, 2010

Malifaux..... Stealing the soul out of my 40K Hobby

I have some additional painting complete and the pictures will be following further along in this post. I also received my shipment from Microart Studios, so have my new bases for my and my wife's Malifaux crews. Add to that a new order received from Phil @ theBrokenForge and my crew's have expanded to the basic Guild crew led by Lady Justice, along with a new Arcanists crew led by Rasputina. Oh wait, we also just announced a contest on the Gamers Lounge where we are giving away a full Outcasts Gremlin crew start box.

That's right, as the title says, Malifaux has stolen the soul out of my 40K hobby. It was not a violent theft as I would have expected it to be.The Farseers consulted their runes and shook their heads in confusion as Baby Kade innocently smiled his way onto my hobby table. The Autarchs stood passively by watching little Candy trade her treats for my attention. Now we come to Baharroth, cry of the wind, shedding tears as he is ignored at the side of my painting tray while a Sorrow and a Death Marshal grab all my focus! Pandora and Lady Justice are laughing at the Harliquins and Night Spinners clamoring inside their boxes, fully realizing that they will likely be painted and based before another Eldar leaves his packing. Take this as a warning, dear reader... Malifaux is an evil, evil I say! I am beginning to understand why it is taking over the attention of so many other gamers.

So lets take a look at the new additions, and happily my first painted model not part of my wife's crew. I need to decide if I will touch up the eyes or leave the face as it is, considering the face is not actually visible when the model is on the table.

And then we have the Purple Sorrow for my wife's Pandora crew.


  1. I think Malifaux's neat but... I just have this gut feeling it's not really going to be relevant three years from now. I've got some minis (Gremlins! and Guild), and I'm not opposed to playing it, but I don't feel the OMGMALIFAUX that you do.

    Plus, WHFB 8th is in the process of trying to seal the life out of my 40K Hobby.

  2. I am excited for 8th, but have been holding off until I get my book. I will sit down and give it a real read before jumping into 8th edition games.

    With that said, I really need to focus and "finish" my Eldar. Its just been amazing to me that I have been drawn so strongly to painting the Malifaux mini's.

  3. Lots of people have had that reaction to Malifaux. I need to get a few on my painting table so that I get more excited about the game.

  4. I always feel like there are other games out there pulling for my attention and money. The biggest one being Fantasy especially now that 8th edition has come along.
    I will say though that some of these smaller compaines have some outstanding models.