Monday, December 22, 2008

Slacker Paints new model!

Great news! A new GW store has opened within 10 minutes of my house and I am going to be the Old Guy regular hanging out down there. I spent some time breaking in my new seat painting up Dire Avenger Exarch #2. I know, 2 months between updates makes me a slacker, but at least things are inching forward.

Here is a quick snapshot of both Avenger squads, with Exarchs out front.

Here is the Exarch in his glory.

A view of the Right side.

A side view of the left.

Slightly blurred view from above.

And the Exarch in front of his squad.

So, I have the base completed for my next model. I will be painting up an Autarch with Warp Spider Jump pack, Mandiblasters, power sword, and fusion gun. Once he is complete I will have a fully fieldable army (2 troop, 1 elite, 1 fast, 1 HQ) and will be looking for some games. Not sure what I will be doing after that, I am considering tanks and/or Banshees.

With Christmas here, I am hoping to find some extra time to get some new units painted.
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