Sunday, October 26, 2008

25 Days and we have completed squads

25 days into the month... 3 weeks since the last post! Well, its been a hell of a month and I have not made much time to paint. I got back to the hobby side today and spent several hours (damn I paint slow) completing the Eldar I have on my work-tray.

So, here we have a look at Dire Avenger squad 2.

Here is the Squad with the completed Dire Avenger Exarch.

Here we have some pictures of the Exarch from the sides and front. I shake too much for my free-hand to be very good, but its passable.

From the Right

From the Left

From the Front

And then we have the other new squad I added. Here we have the Wraithguard, re-based with dead Tau parts. I am looking forward t using this unit, as I have never fielded Wraithguard before.

So there we are. Short post tonight, but the several pictures make up for that. Next project in the Dead Tau Project is an Autarch. I am not sure what weapon load-out I am going to use, but I have a great base from a friend of mine that I am going to use. The base has a dead ethereal molded onto it, and should look fantastic!
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