Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Warhammer World - Visiting the UK

Despite rumors, I have not passed on but Wow! has it been a busy month and very little of that has been gaming. That part sucks but on the brighter side, I did get to take a trip to the UK and visit Warhammer World! Above is a quick "Cheers" to all my blog visitors and the couple message boards I post to.

Overall the trip was fantastic. I spent a week in the UK, taking advantage for both business and pleasure. Relevant to posting here, I did make the pilgrimage to the heart of all things Warhammer and headed up to Nottingham for a day. As you can see above, the first stop was to walk through the gaming hall and head to Bugmans for lunch and a pint.

Apparently, true to the legends (more likely due to the copious drinking from the Worlwide Management Conference the night before) The Bugmans XXXXXX was out. I did grab a quick picture of the tap.

But in a turn for the better, I embraced my 40K roots and grabbed a pint of Dreadnought! Yum!

Bugmans as lots to see while wandering around and I snapped a couple pictures to share. In addition, they have a bookshelf full of board games for those who want to relax instead of battling on the tables in the hall. I was impressed that they already had Chaos in the old World from Fantasy Flight Games.

Following lunch and a pint I wandered out into the gaming hall. Very impressive tables and lots of room to play. I wish I had had a reason to bring my army and grab a quick game! What made things better was the availability of Bugmans and the fact you can grab a pint and bring it out to drink while playing.

Lastly I headed up to the brightly lit shrine of Games Workshop. I headed up to the Hall of Miniatures to take a look at all the fantastic painted models.

That's all for this quick update. This will be the first in a number of updates over the next couple days. I am headed out to GW Sterling soon to do a little painting, drop off loot for a friend, and grab a quick 1500 point game tonight.



  1. Cool. Off to Warhammer World today. Playing in a big competition. Only a 600 point army though, so that sucks. Hope you enjoyed it. I certainly will.