Friday, July 10, 2009

'Ard Boyz Preliminaries

So, I have spent the past 18 months building my themed army, modeling bases, painting to the best of my ability, and modifying a full scope Eldar army. I have looked at balanced lists and played many games just for fun and for learning how my army works in this new edition. What would posses me to throw in some utter cheese and take my army to 'Ard Boyz where the only requirement is that your bare metal is glued together?

I am not sure, outside of saying at least I am getting some games in. I am headed up to Frederick MD tomorrow to play in the 'Ard Boyz preliminary tournament. Now, let me be honest here.
  1. I fully expect to be spanked hard in this tourney
  2. I loaded up on a couple models I really do not plan on using much
  3. I think the day will be a whole lot of fun
Now you are never supposed to go to a tournament expecting to lose. I am certainly hoping to bring hom 3 wins, and curb-stomp my opponents into the ground. I will try an remember that this is the "Big Boys" tournament where if you did not come to crush your opponent you should "take your dolls and go home!" At the same time, I am looking forward to seeing the hard lists and seeing what the local tourney scene is like.

I will post my list after the games tomorrow along with some pictures of the new model I completed. I updated my queue to the left, moving my newest Dual Shuri-Cat DA Exarch to the right.

Wish me luck!
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