Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good game tonight versus John's Crimson Fists. I have to say the first thing I learned (and probably the biggest) is that when all 4 of your wave serpents are immobilized or destroyed on turn 1, its going to be a bad night. Especially when they are only 6 - 12 inches onto your board edge from deployment. That's a long walk for Eldar squads who thought they had a ride.

List is the same as last week:

Autarch (Mandiblasters, WJG, Power Weapon, Fusion Gun)
Farseer (Doom, Fortune, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Spear)

6x Fire Dragons
w/ Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, SCan, TL SCan)
9x Banshees
w/ Banshee Exarch (Executioner, Warshout, Acrobatic)
w/ Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, SCan, TL SCan)

9x Dire Avengers
w/ Dire Avenger Exarch (Bladestorm, 2x Avenger SC)
w/ Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, SCan, TL Missile Launcher)
9x Dire Avengers
w/ Dire Avenger Exarch (Bladestorm, 2x Avenger SC)
w/ Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, SCan, TL Brightlance)
3x Jetbikes
w/ 1x SCan
3x Jetbikes
w/ 1x SCan

6x Warpspiders
w/ Warp Spider Exarch (Withdraw, Powerblades, 2x Deathspinner)

John's marines (Crimson Fists) as I remember them:

Pedro Cantor
Predator - las cannon sponsons
Razorback - heavy bolter
Assault Marine Squad (10)
Dev Squad (3 missiles, 1 laz cannon, 5 marines)
3 tac squad (laz cannon, power fist, flamer)
1 tac squad (5 man)
2x Attack Bikes

Game Record: 1-4-1

Tonight was a loss, but I do not feel bad about it. We played annihilation with the normal board edge set-up. He had first turn, and all of my transports were destroyed or immobilized during his first turn. All of my squads ended up walking across most of the table to head toward combat. Grueling game but it ended up going into turn 5, him with 4 kill points and me with 2. Unfortunately a couple unit kills and IC kills brought his total to 9 while mine only came to 4. The Autarch was on a killing spree for 2 turns then got tired and whiffed when it came to killing the remaining marine with the power fist.

Overall it was an enjoyable game and I blame the dice more than anything else. I could have held back to preserve points, but I am not convinced that would have been effective. I would have ended up with the assault marines in my face, and a load of long-range guns from the heavy weapon shooting. The largest change I am considering at this point is changing my TL-SCannons to TL-Scatter Lasers for the extra range.

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  1. ...ow.

    I've had those games where apparently part of the wave serpent maintenance was bathing them in gasoline. It's the only explanation for why they spontaneously combusted when enemy heavy weapons LOOKED at them.

    I agree with you on the scatter lasers. About the only place I'm debating Shurikannons over Scatter lasers is on a Vyper that might mount two shurikannons, or a single scatter laser each.