Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcoming posts

Well, I am back from Chi-Town and have a lot to catch up on! As I start cleaning up my pictures to make them post-worthy and writing up the blog posts, I figured I would put up a quick update. Here are a couple items that will be coming up over the next 2 weeks (in no particular order):

- Chicago Games Day review and pictures
- Chicago Golden Daemon pictures
- My time with the DLT guys
- Battle report vs DLT's Rich and his Forge Risen Necrons (Alternate Necron list)
- Overview of an upcoming 40K Campaign I will be playing in.
- Background to the Dead Tau Project
- Chicago Battle Bunker visit

I have recieved a fair number of questions since January about why I hate Tau so much. This brings me to a good point where I think it would be nice to put out some information about my army, and why I started the Dead Tau Project. I will also use that post to update my January post tracking progress.

Now off to writing, photo-editing, and taking care of RL work.
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