Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chicago Gamesday 2009 - Golden Daemon

I have been torn as I try to figure out how to do this post. I have 37 images (after I cleaned up my pictures) from the Golden Daemon in Chicago. I realize a couple things:
  1. I have not explained my methods for picking what I take pictures of at Golden Daemon
  2. 37 pictures is a heavy load for the blog and a long post
  3. I have a number of long posts to put up after my Chicago trip
So, I am going to approach things this way. First let me explain my method when I am snapping pictures at the Golden Daemon contests. First, I realize that everyone will be able to go online or look in White Dwarf to see the winners of the contest. In addition, those pictures will be far better than the ones I take (I would hope!). Second, typically the areas I am taking pictures in are from the line, clouded by the scratched and smudged screens, and crowded with multiple models. Toward this end, I walk through the line and try to take the best pictures I can of the models I like. This means I will very rarely have pictures of Nurgle models (I really do not like them) and will have more pictures (usually) of Eldar, as I like those models. Basically, this is a profile of what caught my eye.

Now, I am also thinking of not putting all my pictures up on the blog. Based on the second two points above, I am going to post a couple that really stuck out for me, and then post a link to my Flickr slide show. This slide show is all the pictures from Games Day Chicago, not just Golden Daemon. I think my intelligent readers will not be disappointed.

So, here we go. The following are some of the entries that really stuck out to me. For my full picture coverage please look here.

* I met Gobbo while I was in Chicago, he had travelled from Denver for the DLT picnic and Games Day. This was a great model and when I was in line I heard this comment from the guys behind me: "Man, that guy took the term single 40K model to the extreme!"

* I liked this Farseer model. I tried to convince the people behind the table to turn on the static ball, but they wouldn't.

* This was just incredible. I took several pictures and have them cleaned up as much as possible in my slide show.

* and this just made me say WOW! The artist painted up a complete canopy of trees, shaded them, then placed this Wood Elf in the canopy. Great model.

I liked all the models I took pictures of, and I strongly recommend you check out my Flickr Slide Show.

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  1. Good stuff. I have got to say my favorites from the slide show where the Grey Knight squad, the kneeing Eldar Ranger, and the Ratling Sniper.

    Great Photos, thank you for sharing.