Monday, July 20, 2009

Modeling update - Fire Dragons, Grav Tank Bases, Objectives

Wow! Its been 4 weeks since my last model update. Time flies when you stop paying attention. I have some updates which I will detail and comment on below. I will be traveling for work this week, so no Tuesday gaming reports. Also, I will be headed to Chi-Town this Friday for a number of events, including Picnic like Thunder with the DLT guys and GW Chicago Games Day. As this Games Day is not really costing me anything, I have higher hopes for it. I expect to be playing some games at the Chicago Bunker after GD, so I should get a battle report up when I return.

Fire Dragons

I started working on these boys over the past couple weeks, assembling the bases and preparing them for painting. Last night I started painting them. I only have the base coat red and black down on the Dragon, and the base brown on the Tau Weapon's on the bases. The expected scheme for the dragons will be:
  • Armor: Mechrite Red base / Blazing Orange/Fiery Orange highlight
  • Cloth bits: Orkhide Shade base / Dark Angels Green / Scorpion Green highlight
  • Gun: Tin Bitz base / Brazen Brass / Dwarf Bronze highlight
  • Tank (on gun and backpacks): Brazen Brass base / Dwarf Bronze / Boltgun Metal highlight
  • Under-armor: Black base / Adeptus Battlegrey highlight
I am realizing that even though I love the way the models look, I am not enjoying painting them. Something about the armor and the model was very tedious when painting.

Grav-Tank Bases

I had some bases made for my grab-tanks along with some objective markers. They both came out great and I do not mind plugging where I got them. I recommend Bitzjunkie, who is a Bartertown advertiser under KonflicT Terrain. Here are 2 of the bases for the grav tanks:

Objective Bases

Along with the tank bases, he also put together 5 basic objective markers. In addition, he assembled a bonus 6th objective that came out very cool. I will be putting a banner on the pole. I am looking forward to painting this.


And just for fun, here is my workspace as of last night. The Fire Dragons will head into their case for the trip this weekend, and then back out when I return.

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  1. Holy Crap, man! That objective counter is absolutely awesome.

    Consider that idea snaked. I will add that recipe to my cookbook.