Friday, July 31, 2009

There be Dragons... Fire Dragons

A while back I had a post about the "Boy's in Blue", talking about painting up my Dire Avengers. Well, here we have the Boys in Red. Not sure that is the right phrase, I think that when facing these boys the correct phrase was actually uttered by the Wicked Witch of the West. "I'm Melting!"

Overall I really like the way these Fire Dragons look compared to the older versions. I have 2 older FD mixed into this lot and while they look ok, the new ones certainly look better.

You might also notice that the new Dragons are slightly larger than the old ones. This is interesting to me, as it makes me wonder if other armies have the same "growth" as model ranges are getting done.

I changed my paint scheme a bit, but am still fairly close to what I posted previously. I am not a huge fan of the bright orange and yellow FD scheme, as I feel it really stands out in a jarring fashion when plugged into a Biel-Tan army.This darker scheme actually fits well, while still sticking to the idea of the FD.

So no Exarch for these boys so far. I will eventually have to expand them out from the current to a full squad of 10, along with adding a couple Exarchs (each weapon choice). For the moment, I only play with 6 or 7 in an army, so these boys work well. As I note to the right, this brings my total painted army to just shy of 3K points. Even dropping Yriel from normal lists, this gives me well over 2500 points to play with.
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