Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baltimore Games Day - WHFB Dark Elf Preview

So Gamesday Baltimore 2008 was not as good as past years. Even with that being said, we had a great time and I got to look at the new Dark Elf models and some of the rules. I even got some great pictures of "tactical notes" and an army list. The tactical notes detail some of the new Dark Elf rules, and the army list is a 2K list with points for the units.

First, the Notes and Army list.

I have to say that the Supreme Sorceress model is my favorite model so far from the new range. This is a great model.

I really liked the Dreadlord model.

The new assassin.

This is Lokhir, a new character model. I believe he is a Corsair character, but I do not understand the Squid Face!

When I saw the previews of the army box, I did not like the look of the Hydra. I have to admit I was very wrong. The War Hydra looks incredible. These are 2 different Hydra's that were out.

Here are the new Dark Elf Corsairs. These look great and the paint job was fantastic! The top two are of the banner bearer from 2 different angles.

Dark Elf Cold One Knights. I think these look great but not as heavy as the current models. I am very torn on which I like better and I actually think that both models would look great in a Dark Elf Army.

I am also updating my photo album for the Golden Demon 2008. I got some good pictures, before I ran out of room on the camera. The link is here, I will be updating it as I crop the pictures.

Golden Demon 2008


  1. I am SOOOO glad you got pictures of these guys! All I could do was drool...

    Oh, and notice on these guys: The highlights are extremely bold, and the transitions are totally smooth / small. And everything has a highlight. This really makes them look 3D in the photos... Believe me, I am taking notes for my painting too! :-)


  2. Excellent pictures!Looks like the DE are getting a nice update!

  3. Brilliant pictures - excellent work. Would you mind if I used one of the photos on my site ? I will of course link back to yours and give you all the credit.

    All the best,
    Battle Reporter's Blog