Monday, March 9, 2009

Terrain - and Eldar update

Quick update on the Dead Tau Project. I have been doing a little bit of work on Terrain, completing a GW hill and 2 GW Forest bases. I took a couple pictures of the trees, see below:

I also base coated 4 jet bikes and the last Wave Serpent today. The I only assembled 4 jet bikes for now as I need to take some time to kit-bash 2 additional bikes with shurican cannons on the bottom. I am going to paint the wave serpent and bikes with the spray gun, then paint the details onto the bikes with a brush. I am not entirely sure what design I will put on the noses, we will see.

Lastly, I picked up another box of banshees to complete my banshee squad. Exarch + Mirror swords and 3 additional banshees are assembled and primed. I need to figure out the bases for these along with the bikes to move forward.

More to come as I plug along. There are only a couple weeks left for the WHFB league, then the WHFB League Tourney. After that I will be focusing heavier on completing my Eldar list.

As a note, I have been very successful on playing at least once a week during 2009. The League started 8 weeks ago, and I have averaged 2 games per week since then, only missing 1 week. Once the league is over I will likely head to the local GW weekly for crafting time and to pick up a couple games. I am currently thinking that I will be shifting back to 40K for fairly regular games until I complete my 40K Eldar list.

Lastly, I have submitted the Forgeworld order (23 Feb) and it is supposed to be processing. Not sure how long Forgeworld usually takes but I am looking forward to it arriving. Even if I am going to hold off on the Titan, I will be using the Wave Serpent customization kit I picked up to customize an additional wave serpent.

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