Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baltimore Gamesday 2009 - Post 1 (Ace of Cakes, Previews)

For those of you who watch the Food Network, you will recognize the following face (Duff from Ace of Cakes)! Duff came to Games Day this year to make a Squig Cake for Mythic Entertainment. I have to say that as I am home thinking through the day, this has to be the largest register of cool points I saw!

Now, along with meeting Duff and getting a picture of that incredible cake, I also snapped a whole load of other pictures. For the first post, I will start with some of the "sneak peaks" that were on display. Nothing really new here, but take a look anyway.

First we have a close-up of the new Space Marine character - Vulkan - who is expected out with Planetstrike.

And a look at what is supposed to be Kosorro Khan.

I do love the iron-clad dreadnought model.

And here is something for those Ork lovers out there. This is a work in progress Forge World Supa-Kannon to mount on a battlewagon. I imagine this would work for a Kill-Kannon as well.

We got to look at some new Galadhirm swordsmen on foot

And some of the new Galadhirm cavalry. I did not realize I had snapped a picture of the command unit until I was editing my pictures tonight, so I missed a shot of the banner.

And with the Perry's, some other models (not sure which are new and which old). Overall there looks to be some empire stuff below. My snaps of the new Empire Swordsmen were blurred, so not posted.

Overall I did not see anything here that I had not seen before. Most of this has already been announced on GW's own email announcements with pictures. I also was unable to locate the planet-strike book so could not take a look or get any pictures.

That's all for tonight. I will get some more pictures up in the following posts and also give a recap of my thoughts on Gamesday 2009.


  1. I really love the picture of Duff and the cave squig, that made my night. Thanks for posting it.

  2. that is really cool but if an ork got hit with an arrow he would not go down he would just krump whoever did it to him

  3. that battlewagon gun upgrade looks amazing i cant wait to get it