Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Battle for Lentrel Prime - 40K Campaign

*Image from Deviant Art.

As I made a quick mention to in an earlier post, the group at my local GW is running a 40K campaign that I will be playing in. The campaign is an 8 week, 4 round escalation campaign, scaling from 1000 points to 2000 points in 250 point increments. Each round will be 2 weeks long. In addition to escalation, the campaign also uses Catalysts that are risked each round and veteran abilities.

Initial force org is:
  • 1HQ (required as a named hero, no Codex named characters)
  • 1 Elite
  • 6 Troops (2 required)
  • 1 Fast
  • 1 Heavy
Catalysts can add force slots to expand this.

For the campaign, everyone had to create a hero for thier army that must be used in all games. Several participants also wrote a small piece of fluff to introduce thier army and hero. Here is my opening for the campaign:

Army Fluff Name: Biel Tan
Codex: Eldar

Hero's name:Autarch A'thiar
Hero's codex applicable name: Autarch
Base point cost: 70
War Gear: Total cost: 55
    Power Sword - 10
    Fusion Gun - 10
    Mandiblaster - 10
    Warp Jump Generator - 25

Autarch A'thiar stormed away from the robed group clustered around the wraithbone stand. Mentally he reviewed which of his squads he could split from thier primary mission to dedicate to this new task. How could the farseer's expect him to divert resources to this Mon-Kiegh world while he was in the middle of the campaign to suppress the current pollution of the maiden worlds? He understood his forces were closest to this "Lentrel Prime" imperial world via Webway, but the Mon-Keigh Tau were increasing thier push through this sector! A'thiar had to believe the farseers had forseen an impact to his current campaign, and that was why this diversion was presented.

A'thiar nodded to the two Dire Avenger Exarchs snapping to attention as he left the Wraithbone chamber. "Prepare your squads, you will join me in the first wave. Full load on the Serpents, and retrofit the lances as we should expect anything." Each exarch snapped a crisp salute and turned to begin preparing their squads and transports. A'thiar centered himself and quieted the anger in his soul as he prepared to enter the warp. With a thought, he activated his Warp Jump Generator and stepped into the warp, quickly traveling to meet with the Warp Spider Exarch. As the air snapped, filling the vacuum left by the Autarch's jump, the Exarch's glanced at each other. The mon-keigh would learn well the meaning of a swordwind!


and my army list for round 1:

Bill Anderson - Biel-Tan Craftworld Eldar

3: Relic of Light. Your Hero counts as having defensive grenades.
6: Tank Depot. Gain 1 Heavy Support Slot.

Week 1 - 1000pts
HQ - Autarch A'thiar w/ Power weapon, Fusion gun, Mandiblasters, WJG - 125pts

Troops - Dire Avengers (9 + Exarch) - 307pts
    Exarch - Blade Storm, 2x ShuriCat
    Wave Serpent - Stones, ShuriCan, TL-Bright Lance
Troops - Dire Avengers (9 + Exarch) - 292pts
    Exarch - Blade Storm, 2x ShuriCat
    Wave Serpent - Stones, ShuriCan, TL- Missile Launcher
Fast - Warp Spiders (8 + Exarch) - 262pts
    Exarch - Power blades, 2x Death Spinner, Withdraw
Total: 986

Today is my first game, we will see how things go. It looks like I will be playing on Tuesdays (when not traveling) and then again on Fridays. My son is playing his orks, so I will be bringing him out on Fridays to get in Campaign games.
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