Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black Library Contest on Gamers Lounge???

On the most recently released episode of Gamers Lounge, Episode 39 to be exact, I announce a new contest. I will not make those of you who are not Malifaux fans listen to the whole episode, but check out the first 15 minutes or so. First off, you might like it. Second, this is a shameless plug. Third, and most important, you can get FREE STUFF!!!!

I am starting to put together a new segment for the podcast reviewing books that I am reading. I am a voracious reader and knock out a book fairly regularly, but have not had many people to chat with on the podcast and do reviews with. eChris, a sometimes guest, has offered to review some audio-books with me, and we are starting with Black Library. In addition to this, the fantastic folks at the Black Library have offered to donate some books toward the endeavor. As I refuse to accept direct advertising, I am going to recycle (and in some cases just give away new) these books to the listeners.

The first contest comes to an end October 7th. Listen to episode 39 for the details. The prizes? Salvation's Reach by Dan Abnet, Red and Black (the audio book) by James Swallow, Thanquol by C.L. Werner, and the Sabbat Worlds Anthology.

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