Friday, December 2, 2011

Alt Justice, Abuela, and an Eldar Model?

Wait, what? Did the title really say an Eldar model? Quick, go back and check, I'll wait.

Damn, I guess it did. So, while painting up all the Malifaux I have been, I still have a full set of Eldar Harliquins sitting on my paint table. The Malifaux tends to push the 40K tree-huggers to the back of the tray, but occasionally one slips to the front. Its been a while since I painted up a 40K model, but I grabbed the Shadowseer from the tray last Sunday and laid down some pigment.

First though, the Malifaux:

Abuela - Perdita's Grandma

Alternate Lady Justice

Holy Crap, its a Shadowseer!

And that brings picture week to a close. I am not sure how much Eldar I now have, since my Army Builder has expired. I still have a boat load of Warmachine/hordes models to paint up, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon. I also have some more Malifaux (Always) to get to. Justice's Avatar, a tourney legal Executioner, Johan, another Performer and Mannequin, and an entire Kiria Crew. Lots and Lots more to do, and with December here new models are being released. I am looking forward to grabbing the Executioners and Angelica this month and next, to flesh out my Guild and Colette crews.


  1. He painted a 40K mini!!!! Its the first sign of the Apocalypse! 

  2. I still have 23 figures to finish before I get to Alt Justice but I'm looking forward to her... I wasn't too fussed with Abuela myself so I feel I did a half assed job on her...

    Also the shadowseer looks really cool!

    I might be joining you with a 40K figure which I haven't painted since January myself!