Monday, July 2, 2012

Mysterious Effigy and Paint Progress

Malifaux Malifaux, how I love you.You are driving me mad with your models however!

This is by no means a rant post, more a rambling from my head on how much I love this game. I have really not been in the mood to paint lately. I had the play this past Saturday to sleep in, get up mid-morning and hide from the family, head down to the Man-Cave and get some painting done. I had my two riders that seemed to be calling to me from the Box of Stuff Still to be painted. The Pale Rider and the Hooded Rider have been waiting a while and I kind of want to play around with them. I have new bases for both models to match the selected factions. I figured it was a no brainer to go down and paint.

Then I woke up. Lunch at the Chicago style beef and hotdog place was really good. Grabbing some gourmet cupcakes down the road and carting them back home. Scan over the Wyrd forums a bit and see whats new. Ok, now I was already to paint (a good 3 hours after I intended). Nope, I just felt off so it was off to the XBox to play a little MTG 2012.

Finally, nearly 5 hours after I intended to start painting and assembly, I dragged my but down to the man cave, tossed on some podcasts, and started working. I went through the aforementioned box and pulled out the two Riders boxes. I glimpsed the blister of Night Terrors and knowing I will be playing Dreamer in an upcoming tournament, I figured I would pull them out. Damn, I need another blister as well, as I really want to field three of these little guys. I figured while I was assembling models, getting Avatar Zoraida finally together made sense as well. I pulled out all those small boxes and blisters and then packed up the remainder to put the box away. It was then that the Mysterious Effigy caught my eye from my paint tray. That little bugger reminded me that if I pulled out the Carrion Effigy I could have a complete set of Effigies done. Ok, box back down, dig through and grab the Carrion Effigy, then repack the box again and put it away.

It was at this point I wandered back to the table and noticed that a Large Steampunk Arachnid had crawled out of the box into the pile of stuff to assemble. I am not sure how this happened, his damn legs are not even attached! So, I went to town with Glue and bases and a little bit of quick dry. Assembly complete, the whole batch went into the priming tray.
  • Avatar Zoraida
  • Carrion Effigy
  • 2x Night Terrors
  • Avatar Zoraida's base (customized with a dremel to get it to work)
  • 2 Night Terror bases
  • (the Carrion Effigy is being painted on his base)
So, primer spray until the room is clouded up and then I step back to let the primer dry. While I am waiting I figure why not paint up the Mysterious Effigy. So, out come the paints and water cup and away I go. The little guy painted up nicely, although there are a couple fiddly parts that are tough to get to. I am not sure if it was was a better idea to assemble him then paint or if it would have been better to paint him up unassembled. Regardless, I got him all painted up and mounted to his base and was feeling fairly accomplished.

So, fully painted Mysterious effigy set to the side on his card, primed models go onto the painting tray for future painting, paints packed up and water cup cleaned and rinsed out. Palette cleaned off and I am good to go for dinner. Then it hit me as I looked at my paint tray and the table it sits on. Those of you keeping score probably realised this a short bit ago.

I went down intending to assemble and paint up 2 riders. My Hooded and Pale riders were both sitting in their boxes, never even making it out of the plastic. There they sit, still not assembled, next to a newly filled paint tray.

Huh. This must be what ADD feels like. Well, here is the quicky picture of the Mysterious effigy.

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