Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random models and Statistics!!!

Its been a while since I used the shark picture, and here it is again. Everyone loves statistics right? I mean, I keep a spreadsheet of statistics on games I play and hobby I accomplish, with points and graphs and everything. I guess all that means is I like statistics, huh. Well, too bad... you came to the blog today so you get to read about me and my musing on statistics. I probably should offer something different for those people who think the statistics are just an egotistical love fest I have with my own hobby. Ok, you convinced me (didn't take much, did it?). Before we dive into some graphs I enjoyed checking out, lets look at a couple painted models.

So, we open up with my second Mature Nephilim. I enjoy playing a Nephilim grow list and have done so for a while now. Its a successful list for me, and I find it to be a lot of fun in games for both myself and my opponent. With that said, I was missing out on a second Mature Nephilim until recently. I have the capability to get two of these bad boys out on the table with my grow list, but was limited to 1 because I did not want to put an unpainted one on the table. Well, thats changed now and I have a second painted one. He is slightly different from the grey Mature I have, but still fits the overall crew. If only I could find room in my Malifaux cases, as it stands I have to specially pack him when I believe I might be using my grow list.

I also painted up the Nightmare Edition models I picked up at Gencon this year. Gencon 2012 had a Nightmare Hanging tree set, which included a large Hanging Tree plus two Hanged models that are resized onto 50mm bases. These are all cool models as the digital sculpting allowed for incredibly detailed Nathan and Eric models to be hung from the tree. The Hanged models also came with new stat cards specific for the nightmare versions which allow them to be played with the larger base size. This is kind of cool overall. The detail on the trees was nice, but the fit of the models when assembling them was a bit rough. The price seemed a little high as well, compared to the similar sized GW trees that were released a couple years back. Overall, I am not too worried as this is a one off limited purchase that was fun to paint up.

Hobby by Month 2011
Hobby by month 2012
Ok, so now we saw some pretty painted models, we can jump into the statistics and graphs, right? Actually, I was intrigued to take a look at the differences between my hobby progress this year compared to how things went last year for me. As we can see in the graph to the right, September was a fairly low month for me but November really burst with activity. I was painting and assembling pretty much at the same time last year, not spreading things out as well. This year changed that a bit with some assembly happening in bulk, then painting happening in a separate effort. This is something Rush tended to do more than I did in the past, and I am not finding my hobby time splitting up. The differences in productivity per month is kind of interesting to look at as well. Knowing that I picked up a lot of stuff at Gencon this year, you can clearly see my excitement to get it assembled and painted to get it on the table by the spike in activity January of this year. The lull from last December also followed me into the beginning of this year, with on l a little activity until we hit April, where things started to pick up. There are fewer spikes through this year as well, unlike 2011 where my hobby had a lot of peaks and valleys in activity. This probably has to do with the splitting out of assembly from painting.

Hobby by Faction/Army 2011
Hobby by Faction/Army 2012
So what does that mean for diversity? In 2011 I was heavily focused on four different Factions/Armies. I still had a little bit of Eldar being painted and assembled. Past that, I built and painted a lot of Guild and Neverborn and a little bit of my Arcanists. Moving into 2012 we see some real diversity overall. The first thing that jumped out at me as the tremendous lack of anything GW related. Thats not surprising when you consider my journey away from GW games and deeper into the Wyrd universe.  I still have a heavy focus on Neverborn and Guild, but now we see a dramatic increase in both Ten Thunders and Arcanists. A lot of this comes from the Dual Faction nature of the Ten Thunders, plus an expansion of a couple Arcanist crews I have enjoyed painting and playing. We also see Puppetwars added to the list, although thats really a small amount to augment the Puppet Teddies added to my commission painted PW set. We also see Resurrectionists and Outcasts jumping into the fray, again pretty heavily due to crews outside those faction. Lastly you can see the small bump in terrain on the list, as I just started really tracking that this year.

Games by Army/Faction 2011
Games by Army/Faction 2012
So, the last things to really look at in this article is the overall gaming I have been doing. 2011 was really the year of the Guild for me, with Guild dominating 40 percent of all my gaming. Neverborn pushed in with a healthy 29 percent, and there was still the glimpse of some WHFB and 40K on the list. Granted, Hordes had enough games to actually register a percentage while the GW games didn't, but they were there a little bit. 2012 has been the year of Malifaux lock stock and barrel. The graph of games so far this year leaves no doubt that Malifaux is my dominant game at this point. From January 1 through November 12th I clocked in 157 games reported, which does not include games considered demo's or games where I did play testing. I am not exactly sure what tracking those would do to the number, as I am fairly certain I have an additional 15+ playtest games under my belt this year. 2012 has seen a more even split between guild and Neverborn, although the weight still falls on Guild. Ten Thunders has only been out for three months at the time of this article, and my games with them are already increasing dramatically in percentage, carving a healthly slice of my gaming pie. I am surprised to see the lack of Hordes on the list this year, but that really just comes down to time moving quicker than expected. I did not realize it had been nearly a year since I played my last Hordes game.

So, those are some stats from this year. I am leaving my win/loss/tie records and things along those lines up on the spreadsheet. They are interesting to me, but not really super important. I do enjoy the occasional spot analysis I am able to do tracking the games and hobby as I do. This is not everything for 2012, we still have about six weeks left in the year for games and hobby.


  1. any chance you can share the spread sheets you use to track these stats with me. I'm a statistics kind of guy to, but too damn lazy to make a spreadsheet myself :)

    1. John,

      The spreadsheet is a google docs spreadsheet linked on the left above on the "2012 Hobby Tracking". Follow that link and log in with your google docs/google drive account and you should be able to make a copy of the spreadsheet. I believe the copy command is under File when your looking at the spreadsheet.