Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things

I have to admit that sometimes it's the little things that really shine. There are small things that show when a company is willing to go that extra step because they care about their customers or their community. Many of you know that I backed the Wild West Exodus kick-starter. I am greatly looking forward to getting the kick-starter rewards in hand and getting some time to try out this new game. I have a tough time lately keeping my hopes for the game in check until I get to play a couple times and see how it really "feels" on the table.

Even with my high anticipation and carefully reigned in enthusiasm, I have to say that the communication on the kickstarter side has been the best of any kick-starter I have been involved in. Furthermore, it's far better than most of the kick-starters I have heard about or looked at. Yesterday evening I recieved an email from the kick-starter that was just a step further than any other game company has gone. It's such a nice touch and I really wanted to applaud Romeo and the Outlaw Miniatures team for going this extra step.

Project Update #139: The Boat Is Leaving China!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone.
If this weekend could not get any better we have official news that the boat is leaving China. 
Here is the boat name Hatsu Courage 0795-058E 
From there enter the boat name in the top left hand side. (Hatsu Courage) 
We also have the container number for you to track if you need it. FSCU4632150 
Here is how you can track this beast full of WWX goodness all the way to the USofA.
You will get an exact live location of what the boat is doing and when it will reach US Customs. 
Keep in mind that once the boat reaches the US it still needs to clear customs and get put on a truck to reach our warehouse. 
From there we take the container, unpack it and begin the process of shipping orders. This should be a very exciting month. As always please email us if you have any questions. 
Thanks guys and as always, In Jesse We Trust



 This is such a cool little thing they decided to do, sharing this information with the people who are building their community and are buying their product. What amazes me even more is that its such an easy thing and no one else seems to have done this. Again, bravo Outlaw Miniatures!!!


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  1. Now that is a rather neat little add on.

    Hope the government Shutdown doesn't effect the "clearing customs" part.