Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Guildball Showcase

Today's post is a bit shorter as I have limited pictures to share. I'll be sharing two team pictures of my current Guild Ball teams which I've been able to paint up. I grabbed some rough pictures during the painting process as I completed each model, sharing them with the Guild Ball forums. I then set up my light tent and spent time getting some pictures of both teams together. Considering the improvement to those light tent pictures over the cell-phone pics, I'll be sharing those.

Guild Ball models are fantastic to paint, with really nice sculpts which take paint and washes very nicely. The people behind Guild Ball have made some excellent choices to how the models are sculpted, adding in multiple textures to paint along with paying close attention to the details on the models.  This is the first time I've come across models that appear to take professional level paint jobs and amateur level paint jobs both resulting in a good looking model. Professional level painting will always look better, but the way these models are sculpted allows less complicated techniques (simple base coat, wash, dry brush) to still look really good.


The Masons were the first team I painted for Guild Ball. I made this decision for a couple reasons, primarily focused on speed of painting and color scheme. I aimed to get them to a solid tabletop quality so I could start playing with painted models. I had originally committed to only paint fully painted for Guild Ball, but ended up compromising in order to get games in early. Despite that compromise, the Masons were the first team painted and I only played a couple games with unpainted mini's.

I chose a metal and blue paint scheme which is similar to the "standard" color scheme from the creators. I felt I could knock out blue cloth fairly easily to compliment some basic steel color's for the metal. I was correct and the skin tones and hair ended up being the most complicated parts of the models to paint, which also went very easily. Overall I'm happy with how they came out, although if I was painting them later in the cycle I would put some more detail and layers on each part of the models.


The Union are both the mercenary team in Guild Ball, able to play for other teams, along with a team of their own. There appears to be two schools of thought for the Union, one using schemes on each model based on the alternate teams they play for and the other going with a unified Union paint scheme. I decided I wanted to go with a unified scheme and decided to use purple and red as my primary and highlight colors, purple due to the established team color and red because it compliments purple and is a color I enjoy painting.

I was initially stumped in how I wanted to paint the models, starting with the Union captain Blackheart. I spent time looking the model over and trying to picture how it would look with a number of colors on it. I ended up becoming very frustrated and decided to use a black base coat then start building up my purple, red, skin, and metal accents and see how he looked. My ultimate intention was to add a new base color over the black once I had a look at how the color scheme showed up on the model. After getting that done I realized that black looked really good as the base color for the union, keeping the others as highlights. This made working on the rest of the models much easier, establishing a solid and fairly intimidating paint scheme overall. I've had the chance to try some new schemes on some of the models such as Fangtooth (to the right) which work well with the color scheme. Overall, I'm very happy with how my current set of  Union is coming out. The Union is the largest team overall, leaving me 3 of the 11 players consisting of 5 models to paint.

That's a look at my current assembled and painted Guild Ball teams. Once I complete the rest of the Union I'll be moving onto the rest of my teams. I have the Brewers, Alchemists, and Morticians left to paint, of which I'm looking forward to getting them all painted. I'm considering having a friend commission paint the Alchemists, as he is an amazing painter and I think the Alchmists will really shine when he is done.
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