Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Guild Ball Fishermen pictures

It's Monday isn't it?
Damn, missed the deadline to get this post out. Ironically, I realized I missed the post yesterday morning and headed down to my cave to grab some pictures. I had planned to grab these pictures before, but over the holidays it just did not happen. On arriving at my humble photo set-up I realized I had a dead battery in my camera and needed to recharge. Now it's Tuesday and here we are.

As a little background on the next two picture posts coming up (this and next Monday), we'll be looking at the Fishermen and Butchers team from Guild Ball. During the Guild Ball Kickstarter I joined my pledge with a friends (John) pledge and we ended up getting 7 teams between the two of us. On looking over the teams I liked the look of most of them, but found myself drawn heavily to a set of particular teams. Fishermen and Butchers were not in the group of teams I wanted, and nicely John did like how they looked. John grabbed those teams, I grabbed the others, neither of us grabbed Engineers, and we were good to go. After playing for a couple months John decided that Guild Ball was not to his liking and I offered to buy his teams from him to fill out my collection. John's a great painter and I wanted these two teams for Demo's. Everything fit well.

So let's take a look at the team:

First up we have the Demo 3, the three models that are used for Demoing Guild Ball.

Following those three we have the balance of the team and the mascot.

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