Monday, February 15, 2016

Painting Update

It's going to be a lighter article today, nothing controversial like previous opinion pieces nor heavy on math like my analysis article last week. I've been pushing myself to carve out time to paint over the past couple weeks. I've not been the most successful, but have made sure to grab time here and there. I'm moving through my Morticians, having gotten all but 2 painted and some of the base coats down on those last 2 models. This is good because I'm looking forward to learning the Morticians and it's nice to play fully painted. I also got in an early release of one of the Season 2 captains, Esters, who needed paint before she could hit the table.

Before jumping into a showcase of those models I'll share a short story with you as well. I recently received the first portion of my Fireteam Zero kickstarter pledge which included a number of models. I decided I was going to hold out on playing the game with my copy and paint up the models in the set. Another person in my gaming group got the game as well, so we can play his copy while I'm painting. The group of enemy model's I'm painting are the Children of Typhon, a bug styled infesting monster who take over other creatures bodies at lower levels. FTZ is new enough that I've been stymied on finding examples of painted models. I asked my buddy John for his advice, as he is a painting machine and has completely painted most of his board game miniatures including complete sets of Zombicide.
  • Me - "Hey John, I'm stuck and would love your advice on what colors to use to paint these models. Check these out, how would you paint them up"
  • John - "These look good. You know lots of insects like beetles and ants have different markings and many different colors. You should look those up and use the colors from them"
  • Me - (thinking huh, I just wanted a color scheme) "Cool, that sound good. What color's would you use?"
  • John - "I'd go online and look up different insects until I found one that I liked then paint them that way. There's a whole lot of different colors you could use"
I realized a couple things at that point:
  • John was answering my question
  • It wasn't exactly the answer I wanted
  • It was most likely the answer I needed
 So now I'm off to dig up color schemes of beetles and ants and such to figure out how to paint up my children of typhon. I decided to start painting up the hero's first, as the browns, greens, and tan for WW2 military troops are a bit easier to figure out. I'll post pictures of the set's once I get them done.

Now let's take a look at the Guild Ball models. First up is Esters, the new Guild Ball Captain. I must admit that I have painted her twice now, and I'm still not as happy with her as I am with the rest of the team. I think she will look good on the table next to the team, but overall she is not among my best paint jobs. I'm unsure if I've just bee off in my painting or if it's the model overall that's not working for me. My first take on her had her dress as one color and then the leather apron painted with the tartan pastern. She looked ok but not fantastic, so I went back and decided to switch things up. I did not think this scheme would work out but after everything was done she looks better than she did originally. She also fits into the team a bit better than before.

Next up are my morticians. I'm going with a darker scheme, blacks, off-white, tan, and grey. I'm working on mimicking some of the other schemes which use green to yellow fading on the ribbons and other various bits in the team. I'm also grabbing any fabric edges and such as straight yellow. Overall I'm happy with how they look but they are not among my best painted models. They don't come together as nicely as the Brewers or Union models did, being a bit tougher to take on paint and color throughout the team. I'm hoping once I finish them up they'll look good on the table.

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