Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ok, so I completed the first model. Below are a set of pictures, comments and critique welcome.

Overall I am fairly satisfied with how it looks. Now to put together 8 more bases for the basic Warp Spider squad. I am going to leave the exarch until last, although I have some ideas for the base already.

So thats all for now.


  1. The color scheme looks good, however, the paint looks like it was applied very thick. A lot of the details are lost in the paint......

  2. I noticed that.....

    Going to work on painting with some thinned out paint moving forward.

  3. thats the problem i see with Arylics...if you're not practiced at painting with can be a bit thick. I usually work with Enamels myself as you can see im my blog...reminds me i need to post more pics there. You have to really try to lay it on "thick" with enamels as it can...but it would take longer to do.

  4. gah...can't spell to save my butt...Acrylics...doh! need sleep it seems.