Sunday, July 27, 2008

As I mentioned, the next set of pictures is the completed squad of Warp Spiders. I nearly had them completed last night but ended up needing a break. I got burned out on gems and the guns after gluing the arms and guns to the models.

I think they came out well. These pictures are a "Tabletop View" of the squad, with the shifted between the squad and the Exarch.

So they are complete and ready to play. Now I am moving on to 2 squads of Dire Avengers. Once I took a quick look and realized that 18 avengers, 9 spiders and the exarch comes to 488 points. This is enough to play my son with his Orcs, or I can drop 4 spiders (18 Avengers, 5 Spiders, 1 Exarch) and I have 400 points for Combat Patrol. I am looking forward to starting to play a few games with the Eldar.

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