Sunday, July 27, 2008

So I am moving on the the Dire Avengers. I ended up not moving forward with the color's choices posted earlier for the blue. I will be using the Citidel Airbrush to paint my Avengers en mass. This picture was actually taken after the base coat, I notice I am getting purple tint to the glass jar. It has not discolored anything yet, which is good. (water for cleaning still ends up clear)
I will definitely need a small compressor, as the cans of air are freezing during my painting and this throws off the airbrush.

Below are the avengers prior to the base coat. I am using 2 box lids for my airbrush station and have affixed the avengers to a piece of foam-core with some blue-tac.

And here we go with the blue base coat.

The new plan is as follows:
1. Airbursh the avengers Mordian Blue Foundation paint
2. Airbursh a wash of 1 to 1 Asuramen Blue Wash and Badab Black Wash (from the new wash set)
3. Touch up with Space Wolves Grey on the armor edges
4. Work the white of the helmets
5. Green soul gems

Then I need to make a decision for the shuricat's.

More pictures to come as I proceed through the process.
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