Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another step along Avenger Road

Ok, I got a little more work done today, yet another stage along the path of completing the Avengers. I added the bone coloring to the tidbits hanging off their belts, and painted the helmet crests grey in anticipation for some Green and White. I also got some primer and a base coat onto the arms. Next steps are washes and highlighting the guns.

Here is a quick picture of the workspace. Very crowded with the arms and guns still on the sprue. In the top right corner you can see a quick and messy base coat on my Exarch's Tau victim.
A closer look at the base coat on the arms. These will get a blue wash, then some black and bone touch up on the guns. Clips will be bone, scope will be bone. I will use some grey to draw out the richer black on the rest of the gun.

A look at the profile. You can see the grey on the crest and some bone on the tidbits in back if you look close enough.

Here is a rear view of some avengers. You can see the bone added.

Quite a funny little tidbit. I was trying to figure out what these two tidbits were and I finally got it. This is an extra clip for the Avenger Catapults.

And something that surprised me, Avengers carry around extra scopes for thier rifles!

And thats it for this afternoon. I am off to pick up the kids and will post more after my next painting sessions.
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