Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Boys in Blue - Squad 1

Well, I have completed squad 1 of my Dire Avengers. Now the boys in blue have arms and guns! I think this picture is one of my favorite out of the set that was taken.

The Eldar Boys in Blue:

Ok, on to the normal pictures. Here is a set from Table Top distance both from the Front and the Side.

And here is a quick shot of the back, showing one of the Avengers with his plasma grenade hanging off his belt.

So that's it for Squad 1. I am considering painting the crests of Squad 2 Black and Green, but have not settled on that yet. Following Squad 2 is the already assembled Exarch, then modeling/painting Exarch #2. Following that I am not sure. I have a unit of Wraith Guard that are already painted but need some basing done. They are in Swordwind colors (good) and painted well. Picked them up from Ebay but they will fit nicely. I will probably base them and then figure out next steps.

I am seriously thinking about taking my Spray Gun to a couple tanks. I have to check my box's, but I believe I have 2 wave serpents and a Falcon to paint up.
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