Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Farseer on "Eldar JetBike" for a Seer Council

Tonight's blog opens with a picture of both "Seer Council" Psykers posed together. What we have here is the completed Jetbike Seer Council Warlock from the earlier post standing next to the Jetbike Seer Council Farseer I completed tonight! I used several of the strategies for painting that I picked up while working on Eldrad and used them on this Farseer. I also took the advice/nagging of my friend Jay and spent additional time on the Tau so he looks better. Lets take a closer look at the "Seer Council" Farseer.

I am very happy with how he came out overall. I was unsure about the black cloak and helmet initially, but at the end everything seems to have some together. While taking these pictures I notice some touch-up needed on the Avenger Statue, which I will need to get. Now there are 4 more warlocks to put together with wings and bases to complete the council.

5000 Points

I find that lately its becoming easier to clear milestones for the army. I guess this comes with having a "large army" of painted models, and adding models and squads in jumps the total up fairly quickly. With the recent additions of special characters, HQ, and heavies the Dead Tau Project has cleared the new milestone of 5K points! I am excited. This is now the largest army I have fully painted, as my Dwarfs sit at just over 4500 points.

I think it will be exciting putting together an apocalypse game to field everything at once. I am going to have to start considering that.


In the comments on my last post, my friend Jay expressed his feelings that my Wraithlord was possibly the worst model I had painted to date. While I am not sure it was nearly the worst, he did have some very solid feedback. I have revisited my painting and cleaned up several spots. In addition, I have taken some of his advice and touched up the Wraithlord. I grabbed some pictures tonight, and have two comparisons posted below.

Ok, here is the old Wraithlord:

And here is the updated and touched up Wraithlord:

Comments and feedback are welcome!


  1. I didn't mean worst model ever, just the worst one in the last month or so... I know I know.

    So, how do you feel about him now? Much much better! Also the farseer looks fantastic, as does the tau guys on the base.

  2. Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

    Nice pose :)

    I was pretty basic with mine come to think of it... Stick it to those Tau >:)