Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to 40K

I spent time tonight working on my 40K projects. Let me tell you, a Titan required a lot of pinning, even when you only pin half the areas you think should be pinned. I used more glue than I probably should have (or perhaps less pins than I should have with the glue) so I will need to be careful to not drop him.

So far I have the legs positioned, various sections of the body glued and pinned together, and the head I will be using (Knight head) primed. I am going to paint that first while working on the rest of the model.

A Revenant Titan is a horribly intimidating model to build. Add to that a large amount of resin cleanup due to trimming of the gates and shaving off a variety of mold lines and it makes it a tiring model. There was at least 2 times tonight I thought to myself that it would have been better to pay someone else to assemble and paint my titan. Perhaps for my next titan. Overall it is coming together well and I am fairly certain I will be happy with it.

I also assembled a series of weapons including the under-slung pulse laser/bright lance for my Phoenix, 2 pulse lasers for my falcons, and a bad attempt at the twin-linked star cannons for the Phoenix. I have the entire Phoenix together as well, ready for priming once the green stuff dries. Along with that I have the 2 night-spinners together and primed, waiting for an airbrush. Not bad for a night of work.

Oh, and since I did not mention it, the titan is big. No, really.... its big.

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  1. What? A 40K post? This is outrageous! Completely outrageous! :-)

    Actually, I am glad to see you getting work done on that titan; the base you showed and talked about will make for an interesting model.

    I was just looking forward to a Malifaux post; oh well, guess I will actually have to start posting about Malifaux to get my fix! ;-)