Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dark Eldar arrive

So for everyone who has the new letter delivered to them via email from GW, you already know this news and have seen the following pictures. For those who do not but read this blog, here you go!

The Dark Eldar are here and GW has released the previews of what they are showing off at UK GD this weekend. I would have loved to see these live, but the pictures are pretty sweet.

I do want to applaud GW for doing such a great job keeping leaks from happening. It certainly appears they have closed the gaps in thier information network and are now in complete control (virtually) of releasing thier own information and sneak peaks. Now the question will be, do they do as good of a job getting people excited, and does this increase sales. I have to believe thier sales will be flat or depressed due to the last price hike, but thats another blog post.

Lets look at the Dark Eldar goodness:

First we have the Archon model. I suspect this will be metal. I love how it looks.

The Incubus, which I previewed a blurry shot of the other day. I love this model as well.

The Reaver Jetbikes and new Raider... excellent models!
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I also really like the warriors, the new sculpt is very nice!
Then we close out with the Wyches first, and Lelith second. I expect Lelith will be a metal model. while I think her new model is fantastic, I think I like her old model better. I may use the new model as additional models for Wyche squads. As for the wyches, I originally thought they were mandrakes, not wyches. It makes me wonder what the new mandrake models will look like.



Overall very nice. I am happy I picked up an old Lelith and Drazzar model before they are taken out of stock. I am really looking forward to the Codex although I will probably hold off a little on buying the army itself. Most likely until after Christmas, but we will see.


  1. I love the new Lelith model, it is in my opinion the best 40k sculpt currently in any range.

    Heck I am in love with this whole release so far, I will finally be collecting a Xenos army again.

  2. Th new figs are interesting. DE being the one army I have never collected, it might tempt me. However, I think i would only be interested if there is a way to field an incubi only army. Interested to see the codex.

  3. So are the High Elves going on hold for the DE?