Friday, October 15, 2010

Painting Progress

I made a bit of progress that I wanted to slip in before the weekend. I was able to sneak away for a while today and knock out most of the Ortega Starter box, minus Papa Loco. Papa is still sitting on my tray, but I painted up Samael Hopkins in his place. The Ortega's will fill out the first of my demo crews, eventually to be paired with Lilith's start box. I am also looking to Samael, Fransisco, and Nino to fill in gaps in my Lady J crew as necessary.

Lets take a quick look at the pictures. I am starting to become really unhappy with my camera, but its doing something so I will keep on with it until my wife and I can come to an agreement on what to replace it with.

Here we go:

First up is the Ortega clan. I am fairly happy with how Perdita came out, and Fransisco's ghost face is not quite as harsh in person. The flash really washes him out.

Sam's browns are not as monochrome as they appear in the picture. Again, I need to work on the flash. I am interested in plugging him into a game with Lady J as Sam seems to hit like a truck with flaming bullets and such. Combine this with his 10 inch range and it looks pretty good. He comes in a bit more expensive than the Judge, but I like his additional abilities as well.

I mentioned before that I did not like the scales when I looked at a picture of them. I am much happier with this model in person and it fits better with the overall look of the crew than I expected. I have not gotten a huge bonus out of the card swapping "Balance" ability, but we will see. I now have the choice between the Student, the Scales, and the Governors proxy. The proxy and scales are both fairly cheap, and have interesting benefits. The proxy has a hell of a downfall. Then there is the Student, which while expensive can give someone in the crew fast. Thats a nice ability on Lady J when she gets ready to make her attack run.
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