Monday, October 25, 2010

Adepticon 2011

That's right folks, Adepticon has opened the web-store and registration is available for Adepticon 2011. I really enjoyed my trip last year and am booked to return this year for a full weekend of fun. Are you wondering what I am booked for? Let me share.....

Thursday will be my travel day. I have made absolutely no plans but will figure things out as I get closer to the event. I figure I have lots of time to work this one out. Driving was not bad last year, and by the same token I am expecting a larger group to head out to Chicago this year for Adepticon.

Friday I will be playing a little 8th edition WHFB. I have not decided if I will be bringing my Dwarves or building some High Elves for this, but the event was pretty interesting to me. I will be playing in the "It's How You Use It" tournament.
Just getting started or looking for a new challenge? This 1000-point tournament is perfect for new players to the hobby and veterans alike looking to play as many games as possible in one day. Just remember, its not the size that counts.
I am booked for the morning event (11am - 4pm), so will be sleeping in a bit before the tourney, and then taking some free time to hang with friends after. Lots to do on Friday night, and Giodarno's is calling.

Saturday is 40K day for me. I will be bringing along a solid Combat Patrol list constructed from my Eldar. I had a lot of fun with Combat patrol last year and the Dead Tau Project will be returning. For those who are not familiar:
The popular Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol tournament returns to AdeptiCon 2011. Combat Patrol is a fast and fun 400-point Warhammer 40K event for all skill levels.
Play four games of Warhammer 40K using the Combat Patrol rule set. Participants will need to supply their own Warhammer 40K army and gaming supplies.
 I am booked for the morning session again, 9am until 2pm. I may need a nap mid-day, but we will see how things go. I expect Jay and I will be recording at some point Saturday afternoon.

Sunday is the day for my new love, Malifaux. I will be taking part in the 35SS scrap on Sunday morning. For those who are unfamiliar:
Come join us for the first annual Malifaux Last Scrap tournament at AdeptiCon. AdepitCon wraps up on Sunday so let’s send it off with a bang (or stab, cut, gouge, mangle, bite…you get the idea).
The Tournament will be a 35 Soul Stone Scrap. Factions must be declared at the start of the Tournament. Crews (along with Masters) will be drafted each round after learning your opponents faction and master. Strategies will be predetermined and announced ahead of time - two schemes may be selected each round.
I am unsure who I will be bringing at this point. It is very likely that I will run with my Guild, especially considering Lucius being released prior to then. I have the widest variety with the Guild, and I love Lady J. On the other hand, I am expecting to start playing with Kirai soon and expect to enjoy her play style. Time will tell.

Sunday Night
Last year on Sunday night, after the bulk of Adepticon had wrapped up, there was the post-convention poker tournament and mixer. This was a fantastic event that I would not miss! This year anyone who comes to Adepticon via Geek Nation Tours will also have an open pass into the poker event, which should increase the overall turn-out. I will admit that while I can hope for opponents who look like the picture to the right, I expect that as this is a Gamer convention the room will look more like this:


  1. I'll be there this year for some Warhammer events. Is the poker event open registration? With my wife coming with me also, that is something she would be interested in.

  2. She may need a weekend pass for the poker game on Sunday, but it would be worth calling and checking.

  3. I'll be there at the poker event as well. It will be interesting to do. As long as I'm not the first person to get knocked out, I'll be happy.