Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures!!! We love those Nightmares.

Anyone who knows me or has read this blog for a while can fairly easily guess that I am a completionist. Whats that you ask? Well, it simply means that when I set out to do something I tend to do all of something. When I started the DTP, I bought up all the Eldar I would need to have a "complete" army. When it came to putting together the Nightmares used in the Dreamers crew, the same thought process came through. In previous posts I showcased my 2010 splurge, Max the Dreamer. Recently I completed the rest of the crew and Friday I finally had the chance to take some pictures of them. Now, I will be adding an additional Lilitu to my collection, as I have seen some rare situations where having 2 Lilitu with my Lelu would be nice. Overall, I have a very solid crew of Nightmares to support any of the ways I can dream up to play the Dreamer.

So without dragging on much further, lets start taking some looks at the pictures! First, here is the "Group Picture" that every happy parent puts on their mantle.

Its a fair number of models, and if you notice, Max has taken his center place, replacing the normal Dreamer model. No fear, I painted up the little boy on LCB's shoulder all on his own, but the pictures were washed out and need to be retaken.

So, you have likely been grabbed by the monster in the background. That is an Official Wyrd model, its the Gencon 2010 Nightmare Version release of Lord Chompy Bits. Lets take a closer look. I am very happy with the way he came out, although I spent a fair number of days trying to figure out what colors to use. At some point I should go back and give the extreme bone highlights another wash and highlight to soften the extremeness of the color. Overall, I think it came out pretty good for table top quality. As anyone can see on my tracking spreadsheet, he has seen the table a fair amount!

That very quickly brings us to one of the other nasties in the Nightmare crew. I am speaking of Coppelius, ol' squid face himself. Coppelius was a whole lot of fun to paint, although I decided on purple for his jacket opposed to black. I am very happy with how he came out. In person his skin has a slight greenish tint to it, but only slightly. Its enough to make you look twice and feel something is just off about him.

That brings us to Coppelius's friends, the Alps. Coppelius has the ability to summon Alps during the game, should the circumstances align. When you add this to the fact you can buy Alps straight into the list, I thought I might need a couple Alps come in sets of 3, so I picked up two blisters of them. The challenge was the color choice I went with. I actually had to have my wife come act as my eyes during one point in the painting because I could not differentiate the shades on the model. Everything worked out well as I brought the tan/browns lighter and the green/browns darker. To date I have not been able to get more than 4 onto the board, but I expect it will eventually happen.

That leaves the Stitched togethers bringing up the tail end of the crew. I have not played a whole lot with these boys, but the little bit I know makes them fairly fun. When you consider how much they look like "Oogie Boogie", they are models I really like. I am looking forward to using them more frequently in my lists.

That brings me to a couple other models I have worked on since the beginning of the year and not grabbed pictures of. Many of you who have picked up the Lilith box set know that you also need Young Nephilim for the crew. Tots have an ability which allows them to grow into the Young Nephilim during the game. Along with this, Young Nephilim are fairly good buys for their points. With this in mind, I put together the following two.

That brings me to nearly the close of the recent bout of Neverborn painted up. I have Lilitu primed, and she will be painted fairly quickly. I also have a Doppelganger and a Primordial magic I will be painting up soon as well. That aside, Lucius and Ryle have found their way onto my painting tray. I have a whole Guild crew that just received primer, but Ryle actually received a full paint job this past weekend. To close out this post, here is a picture..


  1. I love how Lord Chompy has came out with the crew! It really stands out compared to the other versions that I've seen around and the lighter colours, I think, really give the feeling of "The Dreamer and his Imaginary Friends" as a kid would want his friends to be dressed.

    Did you make the bases yourself or are they a resin cast?

    Also I love what you have done with Ryle. I have mine sitting on my table waiting to be painted with Lucius who have had to take a step back as I work on my secret project...

  2. Secret project? Not your bone colored space marines is it?

    On the bases, they are Micro Art Studios. I have become addicted to the MAS resin bases for my Malifaux models.

  3. Nah it's not the deathwing... I thought I mentioned it to you in an email... lets just say I think this crew will out preform any others...

    The rest of my gaming group doesn't know where to check what I've been assembling and painting hehehe

  4.  I just realised that the nightmare version of LCB looks alot like The Violator from the Spawn movie.