Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BatRep: Rasputina vs Pandora

The Winter Achievement League started up on Tuesday and I rolled out with Arcanists for this 6 week period. I have my Collette crew currently at the end of a commission, due to return soon for play. I also just picked up Kaeris who I am very excited to play. These two combined with Rasputina give me 2 masters and a Henchman to play around with for the league. With that said I rolled out with the only Arcanist models I had available, Rasputina and her old crew. I decided before getting to the store I would aim at getting at least 1 25 point game in, and make it a fun lark of a game overall. I had pre-picked my crew as there is an achievement in our league for picking a crew before flipping for strtegy and another for playing with nothing from the starter box in your list.  eChris was willing to oblige, which worried me a bit as he is playing Neverborn for the league. At the end of the day, its all for fun so we rolled into the game.

We played a 25 point scrap. I took:
  • Rasputina - 8 SS pool
  • Essence of Power
  • Jack Daw
  • Hanged
eChris took:
  • Pandora - 6 SS pool
  • + Avatar
  • 2 Sorrows
  • Doppelganger
  • Candy
I had Contain Power, then Kill Protege (Candy) and Sabatage (on the statue furthest from me in the picture below).
eChris had Deliver a Message, and I forget his schemes.

Ok, so this was going to be a fun game, but still a bit tough. We used our ruins board and flipped corners deployment:

Turn 1
Turn one kicked off with me losing initiative to the damn negative flip from the Doppelganger. No worries, eChris started with linking his sorrows, clearly working to out-activate me. I linked up the Essence of power for my first activation, then moved forward to the fence. I followed this up with using Magical Extension to put two pillars touching my objective and just to the right side, blocking some LOS to my crew.

Following that there was a fair amount of movement, Candy moved up to hide in the small doorway of eChris's ruins, Jack moved up to touch my sabotage objective and put up Severed Ties (can't cheat or stone within 6 inches), Doppelganger copied Dementia and cast it on Pandora before moving forward on my left, hanged moved forward on my left. Raspy moved forward to position for next turn. As the last activation, Pandora activated, used her dementia to push forward into the large door of the ruins with a pacify on the Hanged. Once there she use her new LOS to try and cast a spell at Jack, but being unable to cheat she failed her Demetia flip and was stuck. She followed up with a Walk outside of Jack's Severed Ties bubble, then cast her spell at Jack (Project Emotions), failing to cause any damage but forcing Jack to run with her trigger. Unfortuantely, Jack ran to the closest board edge which put him standing right next to Pandora and her Sorrows at the end of the turn. Pandora tried to pacify Jack and push away, but was again unable to cheat or stone and failed to overcome Jack's WP.

Turn 2
eChris realized his only way to truly deal with Jack was to run him off the board with Pandora. I won initiative with a Red Joker flip in the negative initiative flip and started out. I knew I would have trouble while rallying with Jack so started by moving the Hanged over to face off with the Doppelganger. I wanted to force eChris to make a choice between killing Jack and losing his Doppelganger, or taking down the Hanged and keeping Jack around. eChris activated Pandora, forced Jack to run to the board edge, then pushed over to try and take down the Hanged. The Hanged took a couple wounds but lived through the attacks. Raspy then activated in companion, moving forward and dropping a couple blasts which resulted in the Sorrows both being killed, Candy taking some wounds, Pandora taking some wounds, and the Doppelganger getting hurt. It also resulted in the Hanged being taken out, but that was worth the sacrifice. The Doppelganger copied sweets from Candy, healing herself and walking forward a bit. Jack rallied on the board edge, and then Candy activated, used sweets on Pandora, and started to retreat toward the back of the board.

Turn 3
Turn 3 started with a loss of initiative again, I really needed to take out the Doppelganger. eChris started with Pandora killing off the Essense, putting a wound on Rapy, and pushing around the corner of the building to my left. Raspy was able to burn stones and cheat high cards to resist Pandora's assault. Thank God for eChris drawing a crap hand. Jack (rallied and not pacified) double moved toward Candy and put up his Severed Ties bubble. Candy moved to hide behind the building, Using Sweets to heal herself and position near Pandora. Raspy moved forward to Sabotage the terrain and then nuked the Doppelganger, splashing the blast damage onto Pandora who burned stones to resist.

Turn 4
Turn 4, with the Doppelganger dead, I pulled initiative. I did not want to go head-to-head with Pandora's WP while she could still cheat so I started by moving Jack behind the wall (next to Pandora and Candy) and putting up his bubble. Raspy walked twice to get outside Jacks bubble, then tried to hit Raspy with a spell (I think it was Self Loathing). A timely black joker let Raspy resist, and opened up Rasputina moving forward and nuking Pandora dead. Candy followed with a quick heal on herself, a run for the back of the board, and made herself harmless.

Turn 5
Turn 5 started with eChris winning initiative. He decided to go all or nothing, and moved Candy forward to face off with Rasputina. This was not a bad move, as it kept Raspy from casting her nasty spell. Raspy then followed up with biting Chill to take Candy down to 1, and tried to hit her with her stick which didn't work. I then brought Jack forward and hit Candy for 1 damage to kill her off. eChris unhappily reached into the muddle and pulled Candy of the board.

Game End
Our game ended 8-0, with a win to Rasputina. It was an interesting game overall.


  1. Great batrep, and that's definitely an unconventional Raspy list!   Did eChris decide against manifesting avatar Pandy or did the opportunity not really present itself?

  2. He never had the chance to manifest. He had not completed any of his manifest requirements and was struggling to keep up through the game.

  3. sounds interesting :D 

    I've  recently been considering Jack in a Tina list, as well as a few others. What crews tend to work well with him?

  4. Bill those ice pillars look dope as hell. Did you make them out of insulation foam?

  5. actually I picked them up from Twighlight Emporium ( Great pillars at a really reasonable price.

  6. I have only tried Jack with Pandora and now with Tina. I have not really tried him out with other masters.

  7. He had not completed any of his manifest requirements