Thursday, February 16, 2012

Picture Time

Look up. No, up there. Yeah, on the title bar. No, to the right. Yeah, thats it. See that link up there called "Malifaux Crews"? That's the one. You guessed it, that link has a big long list of all the painted Malifaux models I have at my disposal (minus 1).  I know, you probably do not check it out much because, well honestly, because a long list is boring. BUT, I added pictures. A bunch of the models are linked to their picture so you can see my painting and how my models look. Cool? Yeah, I thought so.

So what does that mean for the larger context of the blog? It means I spent some time taking some more pictures to go along with my hobby progress to the left. You bet, up to a whole 11 hobby points this year. I recently "finished" painting my Avatar of Balance, locally known as aJustice. Why didn't I lead off the post with her? Well, because she is the big finish for the blog post silly. But, in taking some pictures of her I did include pictures of other models I had not grabbed snaps of previously. To be fair, my camera settings were off during this photo-session, so the pictures are what I would call "Just ok". With that said, I plan to release a good dozen in a series of posts this week.

So, with this thread we start with Sonnia and her Alternate model above. Original on the left, Alternate on the right. I really like the alternate version of her.

We move onto Justice and her Alternate. First, a picture of Alt Justice looking all Sexy over her shoulder.

I have to admit I like the art for this model better than the execution. Her pose looking over her shoulder is fantastic, until you put her on the table. I am using the alt for the time being, but may switch back to my old-standby original sculpt at some point. Let me illustrate my point:

Notice that in both pictures the models are "Facing" the same way if you look at the feet. Its a little disconcerting on the table to have a tough time seeing how your model looks. I know facing doesn't matter, but its a preference thing.

Lastly I will put up the picture of my aJustice. I have not gotten her out on the table to play with yet. My earlier games with aJustice used a proxy. I am really looking forward to getting some games in with her.

Constructive Comments are welcome!

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  1. I do really like the Alt J to normal J but I still haven't painted her up to get her on the table. Also your aJustice is fantastic. Another that's sitting in my painting queue.

    As for your only doing 11 Points I think your really outdoing people like me with your gaming as I've only been able to get in 4 games to your 10+ for the year...