Friday, February 17, 2012

Picture Week Continues

I know I already put up pictures of aSonnia, that's why she is the leading picture. This picture is a different shot, but still. So I also realize Friday is the end of the week, so picture week seems a bit strange. I will continue next week with a couple posts with more pictures. I did promise a good number, right?

In going through my pictures and links for the Malifaux Crews page I realized I was missing several pics of models. Specifically totems. Here is a nice round up of a couple totems I have painted up for the guild. Sadly the Enslaved Nephilim did not make the photo-spread. Funny enough, neither did Perdita.

Here is the Ever Popular and rarely used Scales of Justice

The fairly often used Governors Proxy

and Hoffmans Mechanical Assistant.

On Monday we get a look at Hoffman, Sonnia, and the Exorcist!
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